Bowel cancer could be prevented by eating more legumes according to research published in Cancer Causes Control. Eating pulses and legumes such as beans, chickpeas and lentils can help with the prevention of polyps developing in the bowel and as a result, bowel cancer.

What is Bowel Cancer?

Bowel cancer occurs when abnormal growths develop on the lining of the bowel. This results in a form of polyps that if left untreated can develop into the deeper layers of the bowel wall and eventually spread to the lymph nodes.

But one study into food groups and the incidence of colorectal polyps discovered that a higher consumption of high fiber foods like pulses and legumes is associated with a decreased risk of developing colon or rectal polyps.

There is plenty of research showing that eating a diet that’s high in fibre can reduce the risk of bowel cancer developing in various ways. The fiber in our diets can increase the bulk in our stools and this helps with the passing of foods through the intestinal tract. According to researchers, the more fiber in your bowel, the more is fermented by bacteria and this produces short chain fatty acids that can protect against bowel cancer.

Asides from assisting with the prevention of bowel cancer, there are also many benefits to eating a wide variety of legumes on a regular basis. Firstly, legumes are full of fiber and the soluble variety can help with lowering cholesterol levels. Legumes are also an excellent source of carbohydrate and when this is combined with fiber it can help you to feel fuller for longer.

Along with being low in fat, legumes contain iron, folate and antioxidants. They are also a rich source of protein, meaning they are excellent for adding to a variety of dishes.

A New Way of Eating Legumes

Traditionally, legumes and pulses have a reputation as being a bit boring, especially to eat on their own. Despite them being highly nutritious it can be difficult to know how to make them a part of an exciting dish. One suggestion as an alternative to simply adding legumes into soups, stews and curries is to try legumes formed into pasta shapes. One new solution for this is Really Healthy Pasta™ which is made from legumes and nothing else.

The Really Healthy Pasta™ is available in a variety of legumes including Black Bean, Buckwheat, Chickpea, Mung Bean and Red Lentil flavours. It can also be eaten in various shapes such as penne and fusilli – just like traditional wheat based pasta! It can be enjoyed in various ways including for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even as a snack! It is the healthy meal replacement for traditional pasta and the ideal meal or snack when you’re feeling hungry but want to avoid starchy carbohydates or gluten, normally found in traditional pastas made from wheat.

The Really Healthy Pasta™ is the ideal way to get more legumes into your diet, especially if you struggle with healthy eating or want to avoid the timely preparation involved with preparing and cooking lentils to add to dishes. Non-GMO, Organic and Vegan, Really Healthy Pasta™ is the ideal meal replacement for gluten based pastas that are not as healthy as they may first appear.

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