Health News (Week 05- 2017)
By Robert Redfern


In the North it’s that time of year when the damp of the atmosphere combined with a poor lifestyle exposes how fragile our health is and close to tipping point.

The medical system will claim that it is the cold weather or the spread of disease that has left many feeling weak and killed so many people in the past 40 days but I contend it is our lifestyle that leads to poor lung function.

Our lungs provide us with the fuel to energise our bodies and our cells; as well as providing ammunition for our immune system. If we do not have lungs that work correctly then our body, cells and immune system will let us down.

Many people indulge in a poor lifestyle for the holiday season and although many have already started their recovery plan with diet and exercise changes, there are many who have reached a tipping point and their lungs have developed some form of COPD.


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorders (COPD) is a general term that refers to a dysfunction of our breathing. I must state very clearly that any COPD is critical and life threatening. My mother died of COPD aged 62 and whether it is a hacking cough, asthma, emphysema, bronchiectasis or even cystic fibrosis, such COPD conditions must all be treated as though your very life is at stake. But, what are you to do?

Drugs Don’t Work and are Failing

The reason drugs don’t work is that they do not address the cause. As well as not addressing the cause, drugs such as antibiotics and others leave our own immune system and the heart in a weakened state and at risk of the possibility of slow decline to body wasting (cachexia). Most lung disease is made worse by fungus/yeast in the respiratory system that further causes the decline. Only pulmonary rehabilitation will reverse this decline.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation – The Lungs

The role of the lungs (simply put) is to extract oxygen from each breath and to exhale the waste carbon dioxide (CO2). If we do not breathe correctly from our diaphragm (not our chest) we do not obtain enough oxygen and leave CO2 in our blood which then destroys red blood cells. Red blood cells are critically needed to carry oxygen around the body. This must be corrected for rehabilitation.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation – Cell Regeneration

Oxygen is where we get energy for cell regeneration and it needs a ratio of 80% oxygen and 20% glucose for cells to repair and regenerate.

There are four things that cause a failure of this system:

  1. We breathe incorrectly by sitting too long, being stressed/anxious, or not walking 3-5 miles per day.
  2. We eat too many carbs/glucose/sugar in our diet (explanation in my eBook: What Do I Mean By Sugar?)
  3. We live in a poor environment: damp living conditions, smoke or other pollution, existing fungal spores in the air.
  4. Drugs and especially antibiotics leave our Immune systems weaker and weaker the more they are used.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation – Really Healthy Foods

Processed foods must be kept to a minimum as most are bad for health. Insufficient fresh fruits and vegetables, depleting our nutrients and enzyme reserves must be corrected.

  • Consume at least 8 portions of fresh green vegetables/salads each day (or in smoothies).
  • We eat too many carbs/glucose/sugar in our diet (explanation in my eBook: What Do I Mean By Sugar?)
  • Consume at least 3-5 portions of dark skinned fruits each day.
  • Consider Really Healthy Pasta as a healthy meal replacement.

There is Much More!

You need to download my eBook for your condition and follow the full plan for the very best recovery. The action plans for all lung/bronchial problems are in my various eBooks.

Visit FREE BOOKS to get started today and feel the benefits within 30 days.

This is just one of the lung books. There are 7 other types of lung books in NHN which go into more specific detail.


If your situation is urgent then:

  1. Until you get my plan you can nebulize (if you have a nebulizer) and add a small pinch of sodium bicarbonate and/or a few drops of colloidal silver in distilled water to start the relief.
  2. Take a large pinch of sodium bicarbonate in 6 glasses of water consumed over the day.
  3. Only consume green smoothies (4 over the day) for a week or so.
  4. Learn proper breathing from my eBook and practice it.
  5. If you have a hacking cough, order a Salt Pipe and use it every hour (P.S. always keep spare Salt Pipes in case of a cough).

Pulmonary Rehabilitation – Cell Regeneration

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