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Summer Supplement Showcase: Exploring the Best of the Season in our Informative and Interactive Webinar!

Join Lindsay Powers and the team from Good Health Naturally, where we’ll be discussing recent changes, our new formulations and what’s in store for the rest of the year.

Where? Live Zoom Webinar – Weds, 23rd August 2023, 7pm BST.

Join Live for Prize Draws and Giveaways!

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Earlier Webinar’s

2023 / 25th April - Pharmacist Filip Van hulle from Kaneka Ubiquinol™


Join Lindsay Powers, Lead Nutritionist and Practitioner Manager from Good Health Naturally, with special guest General Manager and Pharmacist Filip Van hulle from Kaneka Ubiquinol™.

Filip will be taking a deep dive into Kaneka Ubiquinol™, an advanced form of CoEnzyme Q10, and its outstanding quality, performance and uses.




2022 / 6th December - Mulled Wine and Mince Pies!

With Lindsay Powers, Nutritional Therapist and Nutrition Manager at Good Health Naturally

We’ll round up the past year and look at what’s in store for 2023.





With Lindsay Powers, Nutritional Therapist and Nutrition Manager at Good Health Naturally

Join us live to understand more about Type 2 Diabetes and what we can do to avoid and manage this condition naturally.

During the webinar, we will take a closer look into the following areas:

  • What is diabetes? How common is it, and how is it diagnosed?
  • What causes Type 2 Diabetes
  • Why conventional treatments may not be effective
  • How to support Type 2 Diabetes naturally, with diet and exercise
  • Product recommendations
  • Plus exclusive webinar offer for all live attendees




2022 / 14th July - Glowing Skin from Within

Although aging is inevitable, most of us would love to hold on to our youthfulness for as long as possible!

Though we can’t stop ourselves from getting older, we can make changes to support the aging process and keep our skin looking healthy and well throughout all stages of life.

As our largest organ, the skin has huge nutritional needs. Consuming essential vitamins and minerals, along with other beneficial compounds, is one of the most effective ways to improve the texture and the appearance of your skin.

Find out how to support the healthy aging of your skin during the webinar as we take a closer look into the following areas:

  • What does the skin consist of and what role does it play?
  • Why does the skin age?
  • What are the visible signs of aging?
  • What can we do to support our skin nutritionally?
  • Product recommendations
  • Exclusive webinar offer




2022 / 14th June - Improving Fertility

Are you and your partner wanting to start a family? Do you want to learn more about natural ways to support fertility? Do you want to understand more about nutrition to support you before and during pregnancy? We can help…

Join our live webinar with Lindsay Powers on 14th June, to discover…

    • Background on Fertility Rates
    • Why are Fertility Rates Declining?
    • How Can I Start Planning For a Healthy Pregnancy?
    • Should I Be Following a Special Diet if I’m Trying To Conceive?
    • Can I Drink Coffee and Alcohol When Trying To Conceive?
    • What is the Best Form of Exercise To Take Pre-Conception?
    • How Can Men Improve Sperm Quality?
    • What Nutrients Should Me and My Partner Take To Support Fertility?
    • Summary of the Lifestyle Plan in Robert Redfern’s Book on Fertility
    • Product Recommendations



    2022 / 10th May - Arthritis, Joints, and Pain Solutions
    Fed up with aching, painful, and stiff joints? Now you can find natural relief with Lindsay Powers latest webinar: Arthritis, Joints, and Pain Solutions.

    In this webinar, you’ll discover the natural solutions and healthy lifestyle tips you can easily follow to find fast relief for arthritis symptoms.

    Join the thousands of people who have successfully followed our health plan for long-lasting arthritis relief.

    Topics covered in this webinar:

    • What is Arthritis?
    • Symptoms
    • How to Prevent Arthritis
    • The Plan to Reverse Arthritis
    • Real Life Testimonials
    • Live Q&A


    Live Q&A



    2022 / 15th March - The Importance Of A Restful Night's Sleep

    Topic: The Importance Of A Restful Night’s Sleep …and How To Achieve It!

    Are you getting enough shut-eye? Sleep is essential for good health and wellbeing. Yet it’s estimated that around 16 million adults in the UK are suffering from sleepless nights and a third (31%) have insomnia. Two-thirds (67%) of adults also suffer from disrupted sleep and nearly a quarter (24%) manage no more than five hours of sleep a night, according to a Wellbeing Report from Aviva.

    Chronic sleep deprivation is linked to serious health problems including higher blood sugar levels, along with an increased risk for Type 2 Diabetes. Sleeping less than five hours a night also increases your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and weight gain. People who don’t get enough sleep may feel more fatigue and may be more likely to experience anxiety and depression. That’s why for best health, it’s recommended to get at least eight hours of sleep each night.

    In this upcoming webinar on Tuesday 15th March, Robert Redfern, the founder of Naturally Healthy News will show you the health and wellness solutions you can follow to achieve a restful night’s sleep.

    Topics covered in this webinar:

    • Sleep Basics
    • Why Is Sleep So Essential?
    • 10 Major Warning Signs
    • What Affects Sleep Quality
    • The Key To A Restful Night’s Sleep
    • Essential Nutrition
    • Your Exclusive GHN Offer
    • Live Q&A


    Live Q&A



    2022 / 15th February - Take Heart: Improve Your Heart & Cardiovascular Health

    Topic: Take Heart: Improve Your Heart & Cardiovascular Health

    Robert Redfern, the founder of Naturally Healthy News will show you how to achieve good heart health in this LIVE webinar.

    In the UK alone, it’s estimated there are around 7.6 million people living with heart conditions. Heart disease alone remains the most common cause of death worldwide

    Topics covered in this webinar:

    • Understanding Heart Diseases
    • 10 major warning signs
    • Risk factors
    • Is It possible to reverse heart disease?
    • 10 Steps to a long-term health recovery
    • Essential nutrition
    • Live Q&A


    Live Q&A



    2022 / 25th January - MY HEALTHPOINT™ TRAINING WEBINAR

    Topic: My HealthPoint™ Training Webinar

    Have you purchased a My HealthPoint™ device but want to check you are using it to its best? Maybe you’re feeling confused by how the device works or how it benefits your health condition?

    As an electro-acupressure device, the My HealthPoint™ has been used for 30 years to successfully target and provide natural relief for over 160 health conditions. This includes pain problems, high blood pressure, stress, and amazingly, it can even restore eyesight from conditions like Macular Degeneration.

    During this webinar, you’ll learn how to use the device so that you can learn how to receive all of the benefits of acupuncture – without the needles!

    Topics covered in this webinar:

    • Learn about the benefits of Electric Acupressure
    • Discover how to use the My HealthPoint™ Device for best results
    • See amazing testimonials from REAL My HealthPoint™ Device users
    • Get your questions answered LIVE
    • Exclusive offer on the My HealthPoint™ Device for all attendees

    When: 25th January at 7pm GMT/11am PST


    Live Q&A



    2022 / 11th January - Eyesight - Improve Your Vision in 30 Days
    Discover how to treat Macular Degeneration and other macular problems with Robert Redfern’s 30 Day Rehabilitation Plan for improved vision and eye health.

    You will learn how to test your eye health for these conditions and be informed on what symptoms to watch out for.

    You may not be concerned about your eye health currently but macular degeneration can become a problem at any age, particularly affecting those over 55+. It’s best to stay informed on how to recover and maintain healthy vision to prevent issues later on in life.

    Don’t forget to share with your friends and family to help support their eye health too!

    In this webinar…

    • Introduction to Eye Health
    • Symptoms of Macular Degeneration
    • Symptoms of Macular Degeneration
    • The Causes of Macular Degeneration
    • The 30 Day Rehabilitation Plan for Improved Vision
    • Live Q&A


    Live Q&A



    2021 / 11th October - Magnesium: It’s a Miracle Mineral... But Are You Getting Enough?
    Magnesium plays a vital role in over 300 enzyme reactions. In this webinar, discover the groundbreaking mineral and its miraculous benefits.

    In this webinar…

    • Magnesium: it’s a Miracle Mineral
    • How our body uses Magnesium
    • Why it’s essential to supplement Magnesium
    • Inceasing your Magnesium intake EFFECTIVELY
    • Essential for Vitamin D3 utilisation
    • Q&A


    Live Q&A



    2021 / 21st September - The Alzheimer’s and Brain Disease Rehabilitation Plan
    Health problems and lifestyle choices are risk factors that influence the progression of Brain Diseases so understanding the role that nutrition and a health recovery plan plays can help you to prevent and even reverse this condition.

    In this webinar…

    • Understanding Brain Diseases
    • 10 major warning signs
    • Risk factors
    • Is It possible to reverse brain disease?
    • 10 Steps to a long-term health recovery
    • Essential nutrition
    • Q&A

    2021 / 7th September - Get Immune Strong Now
    This webinar is dedicated to help you avoid winter sickness by strengthening your immune system now!

    In this webinar…

    • What is an immune system?
       (PS Don’t ask a Medical Doctor)
    • What are seasonal illnesses?
    • What Are non-seasonal illnesses?
    • Building a strong immune system
    • Your lifestyle & nutritional plan
    • Q&A

      2021 / 17th August - Serrapeptase is one of the most widely needed nutritional supplements of all time
      Discover the groundbreaking Enzyme and its miraculous benefits, including its effectiveness with over 240 health conditions.

      In this webinar…

      • What is Serrapeptase for?
      • The origin of Serrapeptase
      • Comparing Serrapeptase
      • Introducing the world’s best Serrapeptase
      • Real-life testimonials
      • Q&A

      Live Q&A

      2021 / 20th July - Have you experienced the healing benefits of Electric Acupressure?
      Did you know acupressure successfully treats over 130 health conditions? Including pain problems, high blood pressure, stress and can amazingly restore eyesight from Macular Degeneration.

      In this webinar…

      • The benefits of the HealthPoint™ Device
      • How to use the HealthPoint™ Device
      • Amazing testimonials from REAL HealthPoint™ users
      • Q&A

      Live Q&A