One in 10 adults within the UK are more at risk of diabetes according to health experts. Public Health England have forecasted that the number of people with the disease will be over 5 million if the current rates of obesity continue to increase.

Around 90% of these patients have Diabetes Type 2 and this is linked with being overweight. The “diabetes epidemic” could increase further the NHS budget meaning that any new cases could potentially bankrupt the NHS. Diabetes Type 2 is affected by where you come from, your family history and in the majority of cases, being overweight. 3.8 million people alone within the UK live with diabetes and if obesity rates remain stable, it is estimated that it will affect up to 4.9 million. Although if obesity rates increase increase by 3% every 5 years, then 263,000 extra people will have developed diabetes by 2035 and this means the overall figure will be more than 5 million.

These are shocking figures that highlight how important our health is both to ourselves and our general wellbeing. Yet there are steps we can use to find relief from the symptoms of diabetes. Many of these steps include following a naturally healthy diet and lifestyle along with taking the appropriate nutrients and recommendations to reverse many diabetic symptoms.

Diabetes can be improved by being consistent in taking action when working towards long-term good health. One of the most important ways to manage the symptoms of diabetes is to support healthy blood sugar and maintain normal blood glucose levels. Cinnamon can provide normal blood sugar support and utilisation of insulin secreted by the pancreas. Serrapeptase can help with clearing inflammation and promote healthy blood circulation. Alpha Lipoic Acid can improve glucose metabolism in those with Type 2 diabetes. This promotes healthy pancreatic function and blood sugar balance.

For best results and to find relief from Diabetes Type II symptoms, please follow the dedicated health plan. It’s also important to take into consideration the advice as outlined in Robert Redfern’s book ‘Improving Diabetes Type II in 30 Days’, published by Naturally Healthy Publications.


Recommended Examples

Serranol – This combination formula contains 80,000IU of Serrapeptase Enzyme, Curcumin, Ecklonia Cava Extract and Vitamin D3. This can help to promote healthy blood flow and circulation.










Cinnamon27™ – This contains a proprietary blend of Cinnamon bark extract (Ceylon),Gymnema sylvestra extract, Bitter melon extract, Fenugreek seed extract, Coral minerals, American Ginseng root extract, Nopal cactus (prickly pear) extract and Cinnamon powder.






Alpha-Lipoic Acid-R – This is a blend of Bio-enhanced® Na-RALA, a network antioxidant that can provide support for healthy blood sugar levels…essential for anyone with symptoms of diabetes.






Recommended Reading


The Solving Diabetes Type 2 in 27 Days book by Robert Redfern of Naturally Healthy Publications provides a detailed guide about how to naturally find relief for many of the symptoms of diabetes. There is also a detailed health guide, along with nutrient and supplement recommendations to help with supporting blood sugar maintenance.








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