Recent research has indicated that acupuncture can stimulate an anti-histamine effect within the body. The World Health Organisation recommends using acupuncture for hay fever and clinical trials have shown it can be more effective than antihistamine drugs, although this has yet to be verified.

Allergies can be the cause of much misery and sufferers often have to endure a stuffy nose, accompanied by raging sinus pain. This can be a nasty experience for people who aren’t aware of any alternatives.

The good news is that acupuncture can provide quick relief and clinical studies indicate that stimulating the various acupuncture points can promote an anti-histamine effect within the body. Antihistamines work by blocking the chemical effects of histamine which is responsible for various allergic symptoms.

Allergy relief can occur when acupuncture points are stimulated and even just using your fingers can provide relief…

But what if you could find relief for your allergies by practicing acupuncture at home? DIY acupuncture is easy when you know how. HealthPoint™ is an electro-acupressure device that stimulates the acupuncture points on the body. It is excellent for finding relief in the respiratory system. The HealthPoint™ device can locate and treat various acupressure points, providing relief for the following conditions…

Inflammation of the middle and outer ear
Ménière’s disease
Common colds
Hay fever
Nasal polyps
Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA)
Gastro-oesophageal reflux
Sore throat
Tonsillitis, amongst others…

For allergy relief, it’s recommended to provide gentle, firm pressure to the base of the nose. Pressing along the top of each inner eyebrow can also help to relieve pressure on the forehead. By gently pressing and holding each spot for 3 minutes, this can provide quick relief.

The HealthPoint™ is an effective device for providing relief for various allergies. It is a home acupressure system that allows you to ‘self treat’ yourself alongside your usual treatment regimes – and without the use of needles!

By applying the physical pressure to the trigger points, it’s possible to clear blockages in these meridians. For more information about its benefits, visit: