The Facebook page TheMiracleEnzyme has hundreds of fans who regularly post their comments about Serrapeptase, natural health and questions to Nutritionalist Robert Redfern. Here is a sample of the latest posts:

Colleen W.: Serrapeptase cured years of suffering from severe hayfever it truly is a miracle enzyme that I strongly recommend to any sufferer!!!

Will Z.: I have neuromas in BOTH my fee. Have suffered with them for over 6+ years now… they weren’t diagnosed until recently. My feet started with a numb spot on the metatarsal pad of each foot, while walking on the treadmill. I now have such pain, I can’t walk to exercise. People say, lose weight, but I need to exercise to decrease my weight. It’s a vicious cycle. I sit almost all day (work & home), so that I don’t have to put any pressure on my feet, but they still ache and hurt and tingle. Can this really help? I’m a skeptic, because I’ve been to so many people who’ve told me that it was one thing or the other… spent countless dollars trying their treatment ideas (orthotics, shoes, drugs, suggested surgery), all to no avail. I have not had surgery, because I’m still holding out a hope that this can be helped in some simpler form. How to you suggest I proceed & what can you suggest?

Robert Redfern: Don’t spend a penny, just stop all starchy carbs, inc. grains, cereals and potatoes. Stop high sugar foods and fruits, Eat mostly vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans and dark skinned fruits. Life with become amazing. Of course, you can take www. to speed up the benefits.

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