Curcumin may help to prevent dementia according to a new scientific study that showed the spice can boost brain power and provide protection against memory loss throughout old age. It is due to the compound known as Curcumin that this is possible. The study looked at middle aged and elderly people who took a Curcumin capsule three times every day and found that they had better memories than those given a placebo pill.

There is evidence that Curcumin blocks rogue proteins called the beta amyloid and this clumps together and destroys neurons, according to the year long trial published in The British Journal of Nutrition. The study consisted of 96 participants aged between 40 and 90 who were given a daily placebo of Curcumin at 1500mg for 12 months.

When tested for memory and verbal skills, it was discovered that those who had taken the dummy pill suffered a significant decline in their mental function after just six months, but this wasn’t observed in those who had taken the Curcumin.

The results were reported over a 12 month randomised, placebo-controlled and double blind study investigating how the Curcumin formulation had the ability to prevent cognitive decline within a population of older adults. While their findings suggest that further assessment is required. Half of those involved in the study took 500mg of Curcumin capsules three times daily after meals with water, while the placebo group took the capsule at the same time daily.

The study is one of many giving new hope to how medicinal foods can be the answer to Alzheimer’s and its debilitating effects. Scientists claim however that one of the main issues with Curcumin is its poor intestinal absorption. One of the ways in which the food ingredient formulators have tried to overcome this is by adding various ingredients like black piperine or soy lecithin to prevent the Curcumin being destroyed within the stomach.

When Curcumin is taken as part of an overall Alzheimer’s Health plan along with a really healthy lifestyle, it’s possible to see good improvements in cognitive health in the long term.


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