The Curcumin compound that’s found in the Indian spice turmeric has the potential to treat and even prevent colon cancer according to recent research.

The study published in the Journal of Cancer was conducted by scientists from the Saint Louis University in the United States and discovered that the two plant compounds known as Curcumin and Silymarin may help to prevent colon cancer cells from spreading. This is because they have been reported to contain medicinal properties. The Curcumin is known to be the active ingredient within turmeric and the silymarin is the component of milk thistle that can be used to treat liver disease.
In the research using a laboratory model, colon cancer cells were treated firstly with Curcumin and then Silymarin. They found that this combination was highly effective at stopping the cells from multiplying and spreading. When the colon cancer cells were first exposed to Curcumin and then Silymarin they found that there was a greater amount of cell death.

Researchers are excited by the findings and believe that phytochemicals such as Curcumin may offer ‘alternate therapeutic approaches to cancer treatments’ while avoiding the potential of toxicity problems and other side effects that can result from chemotherapy. They have however warned that research is in the preliminary stages and more in-depth studies are required to determine if the compounds are effective as a form of treatment for colon cancer.

The investigations are now continuing into if Curcumin and Silymarin can impact the molecules that cause cancer to change. The compound’s effects need to be studied further in test subjects before clinical trials can be considered.

Anyone looking to improve their cellular health therefore should consider taking Curcumin alongside following a healthy diet and lifestyle. This includes taking the right nutrients and avoiding starchy carbohydrates and foods that trigger inflammation within the body. Curcumin can work as a powerful antioxidant to protect cell health in the long term and for this reason it’s highly recommended to take a Curcumin supplement for best results.


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