Eating legumes may be more satiating than pork or veal-based meals, according to a study recently carried out by the University of Copenhagen. Results have also suggested that sustainable eating may support weight loss.

Modern dietary recommendations suggest that consuming high protein foods can support weight loss, or even the prevention of age-related loss of muscle mass. Additionally, consuming more vegetable-based protein in the form of beans and peas, eating less from meats like pork, veal and beef is highly recommended due to environmental reasons and how it places a much greater burden on our climate.

The recent study from Copenhagen showed that eating protein-rich meals containing legumes such as beans and peas, increased the satiety of study participants more than those who ate more protein-rich veal and pork based meals.

The study involved 43 young men who were served three different meals in patties, consisting of beans/peas or in veal/pork. It also demonstrated that participants eating a protein-rich meal based on legumes ate 12% fewer calories within their next meal, compared to if they had eaten a meat-based meal. The Head Researcher said that consuming legumes contained more fiber than the meal of meat and may possibly contribute to the increased feeling of satiety.

Eating a fiber-rich meal can help you to feel satiated for longer and this can be helpful as a long term basis for weight loss and achieving a sustainable eating habit. These results have also been published in the scientific journal Food & Nutrition which stated that, “Meals based on vegetable protein sources (beans and peas) as these are more satiating than meals based on animal protein sources such as veal and pork – across a randomized cross-over meal test study.’

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