TheMiracleEnzyme fan page of Facebook is a great place to learn more about the vast number of uses for Serrapeptase and the individual stories of those who use the supplement.

Take a look at a  sample of the comments on the page:

Sheila H.: I use Serrapeptase & have been for over 2 yrs. now with very good results.

Laura C.: I started taking Serrapeptase in Dec. of 2010, I’ve also had my arthritic dog on it and 4 of my pet rabbits for various conditions.

Karen C.: I take it off and on as does my daughter who’s 9. We both have battle asthma symptoms for years. I have found our symptoms are significantly reduced on this amazing enzyme.

Brigitte E.: I’m taking blockbuster and serrapeptase and curcumin 3 times a day since 3 month .. together with a “sticky starch free” diet … my health has improved very much!!!

Robert Redfern: Organic sprouted wheatbread is very healthy and delicious … I would not want to miss it anyomre!!

Sally U.: I take Serrapeptase every day and have done for a few months. My foot pain and reduced a lot and I can now walk my dogs every day and enjoy it. Before it was like walking with stones in my shoes.

Karen C.: I really struggle with the wheat thing having 3 kids under the age of 10. I’ve read up on it and I’m just not sold on yet. We tried a few weeks ago but found the alternatives to be a bit challenging to the palate and price. Any suggestions?

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