A new study by the California Institute of Technology has discovered a potential biological connection between Parkinson’s Disease and the gut microbiome. This suggests that neurodegenerative disease may not be incurable as previously thought and may have originated within the gut and not simply the brain.

This study was published in the journal Cell and showed how test subjects that were given bacteria from the gut of Parkinson’s patients began to experience more symptoms when compared with the bacteria in healthy people. The research revealed that neurodegenerative disease could have its origins within the gut and this opens entirely new possibilities for treating patients.

Researchers also looked at genetically modified test subjects to make them develop Parkinson’s. They found that they were able to induce Parkinson’s disease by making them produce high levels of alpha-synuclein (a protein found in abundance within the human brain) and that this was associated with damage within the brain of the Parkinson’s patients. Researchers have also found that these findings may be able to revolutionize possible treatments for Parkinson’s disease and this includes the use of probiotics as a form of new therapy for the disease. Along with following the recommended probiotic supplement recommendation below, it’s also important to follow the Parkinson’s Disease Health Plan for best results and improvement with this condition.


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