The amino acid known as Tryptophan could help to provide protection against the development of multiple sclerosis according to expert scientists based in Boston, USA. They discovered that there was a link between bacteria living in the gut and the activity of brain cells, especially when it came to controlling inflammation and brain degeneration.

There is evidence that changes within the diet andgut microbiota can influence astrocytes – the cells in the nervous system that are found within the brain. They believe that this can lead to the neuro-degeneration characteristic of MS. This amino acid has also been linked to the amino acid known as tryptophan which is found in abundance in foods like turkey, tofu, bananas, along with beans, lentils and eggs.

This evidence indicates that the higher the level of Tryptophan within the body, the less likely it is that inflammation will occur. Experts hope that this will lead to new discoveries and therapies for treating MS which they believe has no cure. This is because they’ve now been able to identify that food as having an effect over the central nervous system inflammation.

There is a Natural Health Solution – Serrapeptase

All of this supports and provides more evidence that what we eat has a direct ability to influence the bacteria in our gut to produce small molecules, and how these are capable of travelling to the brain. This has an effect on how the gut controls brain inflammation.

The good news is that by monitoring what we eat and choosing to enjoy foods that are naturally high in Tryptophan, alongside a really healthy diet, it’s possible to find considerable relief from brain inflammation.

Serrapeptase in particular is highly effective at providing relief from inflammation in any area of the body – including the brain. It’s highly effective enzyme properties can dissolve the scarred or inflamed tissue that is the main source of the problem and which is causing so many painful symptoms to appear. Once the inflamed tissue is dissolved, it is safely eliminated by the body and the natural self-healing processes can begin. When serrapeptase is taken alongside amino acids such as Tryptophan as part of a naturally healthy diet, it’s possible to find considerable relief for a health condition such as brain degeneration in the long term.

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