Finding new ways to supercharge your immune system has never been more essential. Now, two clinical trials have demonstrated that healthy adults given EpiCor® – a postbiotic fermentate made from yeast, were shown to have a statistically significant decrease in cold and flu symptoms. This was the case whether or not they had received a flu vaccination. 

The two randomized double-blind, placebo controlled human clinical trials examined the effects of EpiCor® fermentate on the incidence and duration of cold and flu symptoms on both the non flu-vaccinated and the flu-vaccinated subjects.

The first flu-vaccinated trial published in The International Journal of Urological Nursing found that cold and flu symptoms were significantly lower from taking EpiCor® vs the placebo over 12 weeks. It was also noted that the duration of cold and flu like symptoms were significantly lower by 17% with EpiCor® vs the placebo. This included reduced symptoms of hoarseness, nasal stuffiness and feelings of weakness. [1]

The second non-flu vaccinated trial published in the Journal of Alternative Complementary Medicine found that cold and flu symptoms as recorded by subjects were significantly lower with EpiCor® vs the placebo over 12 weeks. There were also no significant reductions in the duration or severity of symptoms between the intervention and the placebo. [2

Results from both trials indicated that the EpiCor® group had statistically significant reductions in the number of cold and flu symptoms compared to the placebo. These clinical studies suggest that taking a daily supplement of 500mg EpiCor® may help to reduce cold and flu symptoms. 

What is EpiCor®?

What makes Epicor® unique is its whole composition and unique nutrient fingerprint. As a whole food fermentate and a postbiotic ingredient made using yeast, it goes through a fermentation process making it a unique form of metabolites, proteins, polyphenols, beta-glucans, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, polysaccharides, fiber and other nutrients.

Yeast is made to help make EpiCor®, like other fermented food products. However, after the fermentation and drying process, the yeasts are no longer alive or active and what’s left is a metabolite-rich postbiotic ingredient – EpiCor. 

There are more than a dozen published studies showing that EpiCor® fermentate helps to support your immune system and modulate the gut microbiota. As a safe and effective ingredient, EpiCor® is added to many trusted health and wellness supplements. Being non-GMO Project verified, OU Kosher, gluten free, it is tested GMO free and vegan friendly.

Taking EpiCor® is therefore recommended for supporting your body’s immune system and preventing colds and flu. 

The human immune system is constantly being challenged by various factors such as stress, poor dietary choices, environmental pollution and even the normal aging process.

Health conditions such as allergies, inflammation, stress, weight gain, digestive issues, sleep issues and more can all affect the immune system in various ways. 

Our EpiCor® Recommendation 

We recommend taking EpiCor® as part of a super nutrient formulation to improve your body’s immune response.

Daily Immune Protection™ D.I.P is a unique formula of natural and proven ingredients including EpiCor® and eXselen™ Selenium for supporting your immune health. It also combines a strong dose of Vitamin D3 to protect against infections, boost your immune response against allergens and provide extra support for healthy cell growth. 

If you want to stay healthy and protect your immune system, taking EpiCor® as part of your nutrition requirements is highly recommended for good health and wellbeing. 





Recommended Examples

DIP Daily Immune Protection™ Contains a combination of EpiCor® and eXselen™ Selenium with a strong dose of Vitamin D3 to protect against infections, boost immune response against allergens, and provide extra support for healthy cell growth. Available from Good Health Naturally.