If you’re struggling to conceive then know that you’re not alone. Fertility rates are on the decline and many people are struggling to have a child. In Scotland the sperm count has dropped 30% in 25 years and in France it has dropped by 25% in just 17 years.

These declining figures don’t reveal the heartbreak that many couples experience when they leave it too late to start a family. The mainstream medical solution is to opt for fertility drugs.

Artificial insemination (IVF) is one of the most common solutions yet this can be expensive and couples who go down this route may find that their chances of success are only 40% per cycle, while the majority of women have a success rate more like 20-30%.

Poor Lifestyle Choices Are To Blame

The impact of stress, smoking, alcohol abuse, exercising too much, having excess body weight, using prescription and/or recreational drugs can all have an impact on a person’s fertility. Being exposed to environmental toxins, using caffeine and consuming a poor diet lacking in nutrients can all have a major impact too.

Inflammation is the result of following these poor lifestyle choices and over the long term, this causes damage or blockage to the fallopian tubes, endometriosis, the inability to ovulate correctly, hyperprolactinemia (elevated levels of prolactin) and even Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

Men are also having problems with their fertility rates and this may be caused by infections, impotence, hormonal imbalance, cancer/cancer treatment, retrograde ejaculation and spending too much time in high heat situations such as saunas or in hot tubs. Men looking to conceive should focus on taking care of their prostate gland which is responsible for producing semen.

There Is A Better Way…

Many people believe that it’s impossible to reverse infertility and this is the message put out by Big Pharma as it makes them a lot of business. The truth is that if you follow a non-inflammatory lifestyle and do everything in your ability to stay healthy then your body can naturally start to repair itself when the tissue regeneration is supported. By being given the proper nutritional therapy the body is then able to heal itself and any unpleasant side effects can be minimised.

By following one natural method – Robert Redfern’s Infertility Rehabilitation Plan, anyone can dramatically improve their fertility by:

  1. Clearing the inflammation that is causing the blocked fallopian tubes in the first place.
  2. Taking the missing nutrients to create healing.
  3. Strengthen and recover the immune system.

Exercise, deep breathing, acupressure and other natural health methods are recommended as they all encourage blood flow and oxygen to circulate more freely around the body. On their own, these tips are effective but they are best incorporated in full in The Fertility Rehabilitation Plan as this focuses on following all of these steps on a daily basis for best results.

Robert Redfern’s daughter in law struggled to conceive and followed his lifestyle plan as recommended in his book. She gave the following testimonial…

“Like many of today’s females I had decided to leave having babies to later in life but then I discovered I had numerous problems with spontaneous miscarriages, which the medical system had no successful solutions for. Like many women, I was getting desperate and so I started on my father-in-law Robert Redfern’s plan. It was not an obvious move for me but I did ask for help and took the supplement plan and diet recommendations on board.

The plan was fine and I became pregnant. Things were okay at first but on my first scan the medics noticed a growth and they said this was probably a fibroid. I increased the iodine drops and started follwowing the diet to clear this, but I miscarried. I then decided to keep to the plan and the growth was gone in as little as eight weeks. After this I took the plan extremely seriously and followed the diet which is critical.

I stopped all carbohydrates and sugar, along with alcohol, and kept to the Really Healthy Foods plan as advised by Robert. The supplement plan was also tightened and improved. I became pregnant again and kept to the diet and plan meticulously. This time everything went like a dream and my son Jacob finally started his new life.”

Sian Redfern, Robert Redfern’s Daughter-in-Law



Recommended Examples

Improving Fertility in 30 Days by Robert Redfern of Naturally Healthy Publications. This is a step-by-step guide to clearing fallopian tubes and having a healthy pregnancy.  Highly recommended for anyone looking to prepare for parenthood, or who is currently struggling to conceive and looking for natural alternatives.