A recent Facebook post on TheMiracleEnzyme page asked “What is your advice on yogurt?”

Nutritionalist and author Robert Redfern responded: “The best is Sheep’s Live Yogurt, the next is Live Goats, the next best is Live Cows and they need to be organic. It must not contain anything else other than added bacteria.”

Food industry and culture writer Michael Pollan speaks also to this question. Though he doesn’t answer it, he does point out that many brands of yogurt are loaded with refined sugar. In fact, many of the brands geared toward children have more sugar than one serving of soda.

Yogurt, like many foods found in the grocery store, is a processed food and therefore must be evaluated with care. It is also a delivery system for probiotics, calcium and other important vitamins. So, nutritionalists agree that the it is best to be very selective when choosing a yogurt.

But, why not make it yourself and leave out the sugar!