Lithium may boost your lifespan by nearly one fifth according to recent tests carried out by scientists at University College London who investigated the healthy ageing process in fruit flies when given low doses of lithium chloride. Their findings show that lithium extended the lives of fruit flies as much as 16 per cent, providing hope that this could do the same for humans.

Lithium chloride has often been used for balancing and stabilising moods in mental health treatments but these new findings show promising results for people who are wanting to live longer or prevent the signs of ageing and to live free from chronic diseases that are more prevalent with old age.

The team at the UCL Institute of Healthy Ageing at Harvard Medical School targeted GSK-3 with the lithium chloride and found that it delays the activation of the molecule, along with NRF-2 that’s found in flies, mammals, worms and may play a role in defending the cells against damage.

It was discovered that at different doses, the lithium chloride reduced the test subjects’ lifespan but lower doses prolonged the life by an average of 16-18%. These findings were published in the journal Cell Reports and showed both male and female test subjects lived longer when given low doses of lithium throughout adulthood or later on. These findings were shown to be true no matter what the genetic make-up of the test subjects. Few side effects were seen in the test subjects that received the lower doses and they produced healthy offspring who fed as normal. The test subjects that received the single lithium chloride dose at the end of their lives were said to have lived up to 13% longer. Younger test subjects given low doses over a 15 day period were also believed to live longer.

Researchers believe that low doses of lithium can provide protective effects against cell damage that may be the result of toxic sources. They are currently looking into how the nutrient can help humans to live disease free for much longer while reducing the painful period towards the end of the life that may otherwise by plagued by the result of wear and tear on the body, along with disease.

The study into diet and its effects on ageing, the impact of genetics along with the decline in cells and tissues is still being explored by researchers worldwide. The response they have seen from the test subjects has been encouraging and their next step is to look at targeting the GSK-3 to eventually develop a test regime within humans. The research into the decline of cells and tissues with ageing is ongoing as are the effects of diet, genetics and drugs.

Lithium is providing good evidence for overall health along with boosting anti-aging properties in the brain. The research is providing good support for taking lithium to delay the ageing process and keep the mind healthy in the long term.

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