A low-carb diet is best for diabetics and many healthcare professionals agree that there are numerous health benefits associated with low carb or zero carb eating, particularly for people who have diabetes, pre-diabetes and other conditions like autoimmune disease.

One health expert in particular stresses about how the number of amputations in England is at an all-time high. This is because of how diabetes is a chronic condition that can lead to other health problems such as blindness, dementia, heart disease, kidney failure, stroke, etc. While our modern lifestyles of reaching for convenient junk foods may be to blame, health experts warn there is another risk we have to watch for – the amount of carbohydrates in our diets. By avoiding carbs and choosing instead to eat protein and fats, it’s possible to lose weight and improve blood tests. “Hba1c, lipids and liver function become normal as a result,” said health expert Dr Joanne McCormack, an English GP who has won a prize for her work in diabetes and obesity.

The recommended diet otherwise known as the Ketogenic Diet is high-fat, adequate-protein and low-carbohydrate meaning that it makes the body incredibly efficient at burning fat for energy. The reduction in carbs puts the body into a state of ketosis and this means that it turns fat into ketones in the liver which in turn, supply energy to the brain. The Ketogenic diet also considerably lowers blood sugar and insulin levels, and along with increased ketones, can have numerous benefits for general health.


Recommended Examples

The recommended health plan for improving Diabetes can be found in this health book ‘Solving Diabetes Type 2 in 27 Days’ by Robert Redfern. It is a step-by-step guided to managing and improving Type 2 diabetic symptoms and to improving health in the long term.










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