Feeling fatigue and exhaustion all of the time? This could be one of the major signs of magnesium deficiency. Many health experts agree that when the body is deficient in magnesium, it tends to work harder to meet the demand.

Yet many of us are not getting enough of this critical mineral that plays an integral role in hundreds of biochemical reactions.

Magnesium plays an essential role in keeping bones healthy and strong, while keeping the nervous system functioning smoothly. Significant findings into the effects that magnesium depletion can have indicate that it’s linked with energy metabolism within the body. Inadequate levels of magnesium have also been found to be linked with an increased demand for oxygen during exercising. According to the researchers from ARS’s Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research Center, they found that during their research, those who undertook moderate activity and had low levels of magnesium were more likely to require an increased need for oxygen during exercise as their muscles tired easily compared to those with adequate magnesium levels.

The study’s first phase involved 10 post-menopausal women with a controlled diet who were taking sufficient amounts of magnesium for 35 days. The next phase involved a low-magnesium diet with less than half the recommended daily magnesium intake for 93 days. While the last phase were provided with a magnesium-adequate diet for 49 days. The study’s participants were also advised to undertake exercise tests at the end of each dietary phase, conducted with physiological and biochemical tests. From the research, they found that a low-magnesium diet resulted in significant loss of magnesium levels, while the participants with reduced muscle levels of magnesium were found to have red blood cells more towards the low end of the normal range.

For these reasons and many more, it’s highly recommended to supplement with magnesium, where a diet of magnesium-rich foods may be lacking. Especially because most modern foods are depleted of vital nutrients, that are essential for good health. It’s more important than ever to consider adding a Magnesium supplement not just over the festive season when demands and stress levels are high meaning we are more likely to feel exhausted, but also as part of your diet and lifestyle regime as part of your daily routine.


Recommended Examples

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