The story of The ‘Miracle’ Enzyme of the silkworm is spreading rapidly around the world and saving lives.
The research on the clinical use of Serrapeptase as an anti-inflammatory has produced a long list of ailments that this amazing enzyme is treating. It is restoring the health of scores of people without the use of prescription medication and without harmful side effects.

Nutritionist and author Robert Redfern wrote The ‘Miracle Enzyme’ after studying the enzyme and its effects on people around the world. He wanted to share how this supplement has worked its miracles in the lives of very sick people and restored their health. Redfern has been studying 25 years of research of Serrapeptase as a treatment for inflammation ailments and has found no side effects, unlike most of the prescription medication used to treat these conditions.

Take for example, Mike Tawse, a cerebral palsy patient who was surviving by taking up to 14 prescription medications for cardio and respiratory problems, and his unbelievable and rapid recovery after taking Serrapeptase once a day. Mike was at death’s door before reluctantly taking the supplement. In just six weeks, he was off all his prescription medication, had recovered from his cardio and respiratory ailments and today is grateful to be alive and healthy. He no longer suffers from the numerous side effects of the drugs that ironically were destroying his life.

His story was the inspiration for Redfern’s title of this book about Serrapeptase because of the miracle it was in Mike’s life.
Serrapeptase is an enzyme found in the silkworm. The organism uses Serrapeptase to dissolve its cocoon when it is time to escape. It was discovered that it held the answer for many dead or inflamed tissue disorders in the human body. Its effect is solving a growing list of conditions as it dissolves non-living tissue, blood clots, cysts and arterial plaque and all inflamed tissue.

People are discovering more uses as more people are taking the daily tablet. There are stories of heart health recovery, migraine relief, respiratory healing, pain management, arthritis care, and inflammation treatment.
In Redfern’s book you will read about the details of what he found when researching this natural solution for so many common conditions.
The book is available online for free at and more information about Serrapeptase is available at