Health News (Week 05 – 2015)
By Robert Redfern

I am sure you have read about Monsanto and genetically modified foods, the ‘GM’ debate and damage to the environment from the great destroyer ‘Roundup Herbicide’. This is a huge and confusing debate and I generally don’t get involved with such controversies (I simply tell everyone to try and follow an organic lifestyle) but I have just read some studies that mean I have to get involved!

We are all Contaminated…

In a Huge study, Roundup Herbicide, a Glyphosate Herbicide has been found in virtually every person tested, in concentrations up to 20x of that allowed in drinking water. People in towns and cities across Europe were tested, as these were the least likely to have the chemical in their bodies. It can only have made its way there
from food as they are not directly exposed to spraying on farms, to gardeners spraying driveways/footpaths or to spraying by road maintenance on country road verges.

Super Killer…

Roundup Glyphosate is a broadband herbicide that kills almost all green plants. Rather than selling it as a simple weedkiller, Monsanto realised it would be a huge market to create genetically modified grains and cereals that would not be killed by Roundup which would just kill the weeds. There have been numerous studies
showing that these GM foods cause serious health problems and that is where the big debate is…but I am not going to address that just now.

No Debate Needed…

Simply do not eat any foods that have come in contact with Roundup Herbicide and/or any animal(s) fed on GM grains and cereals.

Indisputable Facts

  • Roundup Glyphosate is a mineral chelate – this means it chelates, binds to and blocks the activity of trace minerals. This is mentioned in their patent.
  • Plants for various enzyme activities need trace minerals but an important one is to produce Tryptophan. Tryptophan is needed by our brain to produce serotonin and melatonin. These are ‘happy brain chemicals’ and are a natural part of sleep and feeling relaxed; Trytophan and Melatonin have even been linked with happy and well-balanced children.
  • Roundup Glyphosates kill friendly bacteria (the probiotics you need to keep you healthy). It is likely these glyphosate treated grains and cereals also kill the friendly bacteria of any farm animal fed on them. Cows, chickens, ducks, pigs – all need masses of antibiotics to stop them getting sick as a result of their probiotics being killed by such feeds.
  • It is likely this absence of tryptophan, trace minerals and probiotics in the diet are leading to emotional and other types of health problems in children. These problems include difficulty sleeping, depression and anxiety in adults. The leading (and increasing) cause of death in these people is depression (leading to suicide).

So without me even telling you of the GM argument, the indisputable facts are that your family’s health is compromised by glyphosates at every turn. But there are solutions.

Relax, I have the answer…

You can mitigate the effects and allow your liver to detox all of these chemicals. These are my


  1. Stop all grains and cereals for 3 reasons: A) They are possibly carrying these chemicals into your body. B) Your liver will thank you as it is one less bad thing to detox. C) They also help to destroy the probiotics in your digestive tract.
  2. If you cannot stop them (they are very addictive) then either use one of the alternatives I recommend at or only use organic
    grains and cereals.
  3. Drink 6 x 500ml (16floz) glasses of water over the day with a pinch of sodium bicarbonate in each glass. Distilled water is best.
  4. Either stop eating meat or only purchase meat or fish from guaranteed paleo or organic sources.
  5. Walking up to 5 miles per day or every other day is a good way to get your circulation moving and detox your body.
  6. Constipation is a serious disease and if you are not going to the toilet three times per day after stopping grains and cereals, drinking the above water, and walking, then ask for help. Other than sweating and urine, passing stools is the other critical way to clear toxins.
  7. Green vegetables such as broccoli, kale, spinach and lettuce should be organic if possible or home grown. If not then wash them carefully. They are high in nutrients and also in very powerful protective antioxidants.
  8. You need to supplement the missing minerals with Organic Minerals or if money is tight with Rock Salt: 3-5 teaspoons in your food each day. Why Rock Salt?
    Because sea salt will have had the trace minerals washed out whereas Rock Salt has retained all of the trace minerals from 20 million years ago when it was buried.
  9. Once you have changed your diet as above then a course of Prescript Biotics for 30 days and one per week thereafter will restore your immune system and improve brain function.
  10. Lastly if your children and yourself can identify emotional problems such as anxiety, depression or AD in your children then you all need RelaxWell to deliver
    Tryptophan and to quickly complete your planned recovery.

Just so you know I follow everything above having just passed 69 a week ago. I am now in my 70th year and feel great.

You can too.