Health News (Week 07- 2017)
By Robert Redfern

In the news today, studies show trauma to the head suffered by boxers and in fact any sports players such as soccer, football and rugby almost guarantees there will be some degree of dementia/Alzheimer’s as a result.

At least in the UK this is big news as it applies to studies showing when soccer players simply ‘head’ a ball, it leads to damage of the brain. Of course when they interview the ‘experts’ for their opinion, they as usual try to ‘cover it up’ and say such things as ‘we need more evidence’.

It’s Well Known

Off course it was already well known that boxers suffer a greater degree of dementia and other brain damage. Even American football players with all of their padding and super safety helmets have a greater risk of dementia and brain damage. I remember a couple of years ago Will Smith appeared in the film, Concussion, as a football player suffering from early dementia and how a Nigerian pathologist battled with the NFL to prove there was an epidemic of dementia with professional football players.

The NFL and their doctors did everything they could to deny it but in the end the mounting scientific evidence, congressional hearings and finally a class action by former players helped the brave doctor to won his point. The NFL agreed to put aside $1billion to compensate the players and their families.

Let your child play football, soccer, rugby, boxing and other violent contact sports but know there may be a price to pay for turning professional.

Not Just Sports

Violent contact sport can cause brain damage most but a gentle collision that triggers your airbag can also cause trauma and concussion. Anything that flips or bangs your head will cause trauma to the brain. Many studies show that even being knocked unconscious for just a few occasions dramatically increases the dementia risk. I first read the earlier studies on this subject 15 years ago as I had boxed in my youth and had motorcycle crashes, which left me unconscious for various periods.

So Will I Get Dementia/Alzheimer’s?

The answer is no. If you already know me, you will also know that as soon as I read these studies 15 year-ago that I researched how to avoid dementia. The medical system even today refuse to believe that brain cells can be regenerated and therefore they are the last people to ask for help. Instead I did my own research in brain cell regeneration. I am 71 at the time of writing this newsletter and far from brain degeneration I am working harder and longer with my brain than any time in my 71 years.

See what I have done for the past 14 years to keep my brain healthy…

My Plan to Protect and Recover any Brain Damage/Dementia

  1. The first and most critical step is a Ketogenic diet. Stopping carbs and sugar stops the poisoning of your brain and the science behind this was detailed by Neurologist, Dr. David Perlmutter’s book, Grain Brain.
  2. See low carb/sugar recipes on my web site
  3. The 1st supplement I took is called ReFocus and simply contains an extract from the Periwinkle flower. It is the only supplement that has studies showing that it helps regenerate brain cells and improves memory. Click here for more information.
  4. The 2nd critical supplement is Serranol with four important ingredients including CurcuminX4000, Serrapeptase, Vitamin D3 and the seaweed extract Ecklonia Cava Extract.
  5. Lithium Balance is classed as the essential brain anti-ageing nutrient.

There are other supplements I take but these steps above are the most critical.

You can read more and download my Alzheimer’s book for free here.

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