Health News (Week 09 – 2015)
By Robert Redfern

I am sat here in my hotel room in California catching up with your communications and already today I have been asked many questions regarding CurcuminX4000. This gave me the ideal topic for this week’s newsletter.

The first question was do I have to take CurcuminX4000, if I am already taking Serrapeptase?
The reason I recommend CurcuminX4000 in all of my plans is because it has good studies for nearly every condition I get asked about including: eye health, brain health, cancers, lung diseases, arthritis, heart diseases, digestive diseases, genealogical problems, skin problems, auto immune disease, circulatory and blood problems, to name just some of the most common problems.

The studies are not ‘paid for’ studies that ‘profit’ on the outcome but pure independent research in universities. My answer is, yes, I strongly recommend CurcuminX4000 both to get healthy and stay healthy – for everyone.

There are over 1800 studies for Curcumin.

I have been taking a Curcumin Bioperine complex and want to know how the amount to take and price comparison to CurcuminX4000 works?
CurcuminX4000’s scientific claim is that it is 20-45 times better utilized than Curcumin 95% depending upon circumstances. This means if you could get good results with the Curcumin 95% complex, taking 16 x 500mg caps (e.g. for Rheumatoid Arthritis), the studies show you can get the same or better results just taking 2 capsules of CurcuminX4000. The saving is enormous (cost) as to purchase 16 caps x 500mg, the cheapest Curcumin 95% complex would cost in the region of 3.50 per day compared to 0.43 for one day of CurcuminX4000. This enables you to take double or treble the dosage and still get better value.

A study published in 2007, in the journal Cancer Chemotheraphy and Pharmacology demonstrated that CurcuminX4000 (Meriva) was 20x better, whilst a small unpublished study claims it to be x45 better.

I have colitis and you included CurcuminX4000 in your recommendation but I am not happy about spicy foods and nervous it may cause discomfort. Will it be OK?
Curcumin is not a spice, it is an extract from a spice called Turmeric. You will feel no additional discomfort and in fact a recent study of 50 people with ulcerative colitis just taking Curcumin alone (unlike my full plan) had good relief within 30 days for the majority. None of them complained of any additional problems to the discomfort they were already suffering.
Are there any side effects or problems with other medicines when taking CurcuminX4000?
There has been some digestive and chemo discussion about mega doses of Curcumin 95% which needs to be taken up to 10,000mgs per day or more to be effective but I could not find any real studies to confirm it. The internet can be a real gossip shop. In any case, in even the worst cases (e.g. cancer) a dosage higher than 1,500mg is not needed for CurcuminX4000 and so you are completely safe.
I cannot swallow caps and wondered if CurcuminX4000 can be opened?
Yes they can be opened and mixed with a little food such as avocado. In fact for brain or throat cancers there was a study showing better results taking it this way as it absorbed in the mouth and into the bloodstream much faster.

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Just so you know I try to follow my own advice in this book as much as possible and I take at least 2 capsules every day. I am now in my 70th year and feel great.

So can you.

Please get back to me anytime you need help by clicking Here. All questions come to me directly and will be answered in the strictest of confidence.