Health News (Week 10 – 2013)
By Robert Redfern

Attack Heart Disease Fraud

Regular readers of my newsletters know that I have little respect for the disease care system. I am absolutely sure it is a fraud and is simply a plan by drug companies to make money from disease care and not from health care. This is born out by the huge monetary fines (literally billions) for their fraud and for doing so much harm with their drugs.

The big disappointment is the attitude of medical doctors. Why would they associate with pharmaceutical companies that commit such huge frauds? Is it because they are so afraid of them and the system they control?

When I meet a medical doctor, one-on-one, they understand my point of view and mostly agree my explanation that health-care is better than disease-management, but back together as a group they fold and become afraid to step out of the disease model.

Ask any doctor…

Does high cholesterol cause heart attacks? When challenged, doctors will admit 50% of heart attacks patients have low cholesterol. Cholesterol is there to help and without it we cannot survive. If anything, both high and low cholesterol are simply warnings that we have a problem that needs addressing. Simply taking a statin drug to block the manufacture of cholesterol makes matters worse and will do very little difference to your life expectancy.

Why am I not given CoQ10 to alleviate the side effects of statins or better still, instead of statins? Statins are unlikely to make much difference to the outcome compared to CoQ10, they can do great harm by blocking the production of CoQ10 and by depleting the levels of CoQ10 in your body. Many doctors around the world give CoQ10 (as a ‘medicine’) to overcome the side effects whilst many others recommend taking CoQ10 alone (and to drop the statins completely).

CoQ10 functions in every cell in your body and the organs with the highest energy requirements, such as the heart, have the highest CoQ10 concentrations. As you age, your body’s natural ability to produce CoQ10 drops dramatically as do the levels when harmed by statins.

If you want to make sure your CoQ10 levels aren’t low the best two options are UB8Q10 (this is x8 better than ordinary CoQ10 and in a gelatin cap) or HySorbQ10 (this is x4 better than ordinary CoQ10 and in a veggie cap).

Why am I given Magnesium IV (intravenous) in hospital to stabilise my heart after an attack but you do not recommend as a daily supplement? Your doctor will (or should) know of a landmark double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, Israeli researchers gave IV magnesium to half of 194 patients suffering from acute heart attacks. The in-hospital death rate of those receiving magnesium was one-fourth that of those who received standard treatment alone. In 2003, a follow-up study of these patients revealed nearly twice as many patients in the placebo group had died from heart disease or other causes, and there were considerably more cases of heart failure and impaired heart function those who did not receive IV magnesium treatment. In addition to increasing survival after heart attack, magnesium balances out arrhythmias and improves outcomes in patients undergoing angioplasty with stent placement. It may simply be your doctor is not impressed with oral magnesium supplements and does not know that transdermal magnesium absorbs so much better.

It may seem that I keep talking about magnesium but it is so important to your health in many ways! If you missed the newsletters on magnesium and heart health click on the “Newsletter” links below. If you need to boost your magnesium levels try the Magnesium Oil Ultra (high amount of magnesium) of the Magnesium Lotion Ultra (lightest concentration).

You may have these already and remember, when applied to the heart area daily, these will help maintain the high levels of magnesium needed for a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.

My doctor already agrees that most heart disease is caused by inflammation and yet still wants to put me on drugs, why not Serrapeptase instead? You may be surprised to hear that more and more doctors are using Serrapeptase for their own family. They may even recommend it for you but they are afraid of being accused of outing your life in danger with unproven methods. By who? The drug companies of course!

If you have a heart problem then consider Blockbuster AllClear. This is the most complete and effective enzyme formula available – it uniquely blends serrapeptase, to remove any inflammation, with 15 other powerful nutrients such as Nattokinase, which supports healthy blood flow. All the ingredients have studies to show how they individually benefit a healthy heart and are all doubly powerful when combined.

Finally, if you read my newsletter last week, you may remember how I wrote about making sure you ‘get enough sleep’, and how stress and cortisol were bad for the heart?

Well, on Wednesday (6th), I read the headline about a new Norwegian study which says ‘Poor sleep is linked to heart failure’. This has been published in the European Heart Journal and followed over 50,000 people over 11 years! The main findings were that poor sleep would lead to a condition “in which the heart fails to pump properly” and how “when you have insomnia your body releases stress hormones which in turn may effect the heart in a negative way”. If you have trouble getting a good night’s sleep, read the news from last week here: Calm Down Dear, it’s only an article

As ever, if you have any questions on heart health or health in general feel free to ‘Contact Me’ at the top. Here your questions will come through to me directly and I will answer in the strictest of confidence. I would love to hear your opinions on the ‘health care fraud”.

PS. It might be that I am not as quick with the responses this weekend because I will be flying back from Natural Products Expo West , Anaheim, but be assured that I will answer all questions. I will be spending the next few days excited and searching for any new ingredients that may help to change a life – I will report any findings in the news next week!