Health News (Week 21 – 2014)
By Robert Redfern

‘Does it work?’ is the most common question that I have been asked over the last 25 years. I could simply say I wouldn’t recommend anything that didn’t have a better than average chance of working. Many say the doctor has told them it cannot get better and not to try. I wish these doctors would contact me with an open mind, but I could count on one hand the times doctors have contacted me for help in understanding why the plans work.

A typical question is:

Robert, I have bronchiectasis, I’ve given up grains and sugar as per your advice, any other suggestions? Can that lung scar tissue ever dissolve or repair itself? My pulmonologist says it’s irreversible.

Joanne, US


My response:

Dear Joanne, Have you had my plan below? Of course a medical pulmonologist says it’s irreversible, they are trained in drug care, not natural health care. By the way, they are not your pulmonologist, they belong to the AMA and the Pharma industry.

A few years ago a devout Christian pulmonologist in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, heard me saying this on The Power Hour radio station and asked me over for dinner that evening, along with the radio host. I gladly accepted, as I was not flying out until the next day. When we sat down to eat he told me he wanted to look into my eyes and heart and ask me to repeat what he heard me say on the radio. At the end of the evening he was convinced I was telling him what I believed to be the truth and he asked me for the plans, so he could try them on his patients, which I gladly did.

A year passed and I had not heard from him and had completely forgotten about the event. It just so happened I was invited back to the same radio station and this time my wife Anne was with me, as they wanted Anne to talk about HealthPoint (since it was her idea back in 1990).

We did the two hour radio show and at the end of it, out of the blue, came a phone call from the same pulmonologist inviting us back to dinner that evening. Again as luck would have it we were not flying out until the next day and so we gladly accepted (I was looking forward to hearing his report).

We sat and ate and after the pleasantries I asked him what his thoughts were on my plans. He explained he was working in a large medical centre with over twenty other MD’s that served a very large country area. He went on to explain he could only use my plans on people who he could trust and who expressed an interest in a natural approach, rather than drugs. I asked him directly, “Did my plans work better than drugs for those people?” He answered just as directly, “Yes they did”. I knew then he had applied the plans correctly, as I already knew they worked but it felt good to hear a high level pulmonologist say it clearly.

My next question was obviously, “What next?” I presumed he would want to present the protocols to the other MD’s in the centre but to my surprise he said no, he would not even tell them. He went on to explain that he felt he would be severely ostracized and disciplinary action could be taken against him since the medical system is so against natural health.

I was puzzled and taken aback. I asked him what he was going to do.

I was even more taken aback when he said he, as a Christian, could not carry on in such a system delivering so much harm to patients and had decided to retire and carry on Christian missionary work in South and Central America. He explained, once his eyes had been opened to the truth, he could no longer be part of treating people with drugs that did not work when there were natural things available that did. He did do this and I presume he is still out there somewhere, with his family, doing good work.

This made me think that there must be many Christian MD’s (and doctors in other faiths) who, if they opened their eyes as to how corrupt Big Pharma is and how much harm is being done to their patients, would realize that they couldn’t possible carry on as they are. They may even start a campaign against the AMA, MHRA, Health Canada, TGA, Big Pharma and the politicians who protect them.

To answer your question directly, YES, you can clear the scarring in your lungs (especially if you keep up with the diet).


Robert Redfern

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