By now many of you will have heard me mention about Curcumin’s numerous health benefits. I often write about why you should be including more of this golden compound into your daily routine, as part of your diet and healthy lifestyle.

Derived from the Indian spice Turmeric and renowned for its powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, various studies show that Curcumin can help to provide support for areas such as joint pain relief and brain health, in particular.

A new study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders, investigated Curcumin’s benefits and reported that taking 500mg of Curcumin twice daily caused significant improvements in anxiety and depression symptoms, compared to the placebo group. The study joins a strong body of research indicating that Curcumin is beneficial for boosting moods along with improving memory and overall cognitive performance.

There are many more great reasons to consider adding Curcumin into your daily routine. Here are some more…

Curcumin’s Golden Health Benefits…



1. Cell Health Support

Curcumin has the potential to play a protective role for cell health. Research shows it can play a protective role in fighting prostate cancer and can even stop the spread of breast cancer cells. In vivo, Curcumin was found to stop the expression of CXCL1 and CXL2 cytokines – small proteins that can help the body’s immune and inflammation responses. By boosting anti-cancer activity, it sends signals that can help abnormal cells to die and normal cells to live longer.

2. Slows the Ageing Process

Your body ages as a result of highly reactive free molecules called free radicals. These can react to and damage DNA. Once DNA is damaged, cancer often occurs. By activating certain proteins, Curcumin may help to slow down the ageing process and protect against cellular damage. By boosting the body’s antioxidant enzyme activity, it can help to fight free radical damage and also reduce the ageing process.

3. Improves Skin Health

Curcumin’s antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory agents can quench free radicals and reduce inflammation. Along with reducing inflammation and oxidation, Curcumin can soothe a variety of skin conditions and improve painful skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. Additionally, Curcumin can help with reducing signs of premature ageing, pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

4. Joint Pain Relief

The anti-inflammatory components of Curcumin have been found to have a positive effect on reducing joint pain and swelling in test subjects. This makes Curcumin a natural treatment for various health conditions including arthritis. It can also increase ease of movements in people with osteoarthritis.

5. Improves Brain Function

Curcumin has been shown to boost levels of the brain hormone BDNF, which can increase the growth of new neurons and may help to fight degenerative processes in the brain. As Curcumin can surpass the blood-brain barrier, this means it can powerfully boost brain function. It’s also been shown to delay and even reverse age-related dysfunction.

How Do I Get Enough Curcumin For Best Health?

As Curcumin has poor bioavailability, it’s not enough to take Curcumin from Turmeric alone – you would need to consume a lot of it to derive any of its benefits. This is why I suggest taking a Curcumin supplement to receive maximum benefits.

Many Curcumin formulas use black pepper to enhance absorption into the body. However, an advanced form of this technology now uses a phospholipid combined with Meriva® – as found in the Curcuminx4000® product recommendation below. This technology uniquely binds the Curcumin extract to the lipid molecule – phosphatidylcholine – creating a phytosome form with increased absorption and bioavailability.

Meriva® Curcumin provides a patented form of the Curcumin phytosome and this can enhance its overall absorption in the bloodstream. A recent study also found that the Curcumin Phytosome has been shown to increase absorption by up to 45x compared with ordinary Curcumin 95%.

Which Curcumin Do I Recommend?



I recommend Curcuminx4000® Original from Good Health Naturally, for optimal health support. A recent study showed an increase in utilisation by up to 20-45x compared to ordinary Curcumin. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Curcuminx4000® is also available with Fenugreek Seed Extract for additional metabolic benefits. The product was Highly Commended as the Best Women’s Health Product in the 2020 Your Healthy Living Awards. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

By combining Liposomal Curcumin with Resveratrol, BrainPower™ can provide antioxidant and protective benefits for brain health. Resveratrol is especially beneficial for lowering blood pressure, improving insulin sensitivity, relieving joint pain and even lengthening life span. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

You can also find 250mg of Curcuminx4000 in Serranol®, providing a combination of 160,000IU Serrapeptase, 50mg of Ecklonia Cava Extract and 1000IU of Vitamin D3. Together, these core nutrients can provide a super supplement that studies show can target dozens of health and age-related issues. Suitable for vegetarians.

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Alongside taking a high-quaity Curcumin supplement such as the ones listed above, I also recommend following the fundamental health care rules outlined below.

Never Forget The Fundamental Health Care Rules

Remember, taking good care of your brain health also begins with getting your immune system strong too. Research shows that the gut and brain are interconnected and that gut bacteria play a key role in your mood and mental health.

Along with following a detailed nutritional supplement plan as listed above, whether preventing or reversing cognitive and age-related memory problems, consider immune-supporting solutions such as:

1. Breathing properly – Oxygen is the most critical element for life and health since most people cannot live more than 5 minutes without it. Oxygen is critical for healthy cells, and the regeneration of your body and is the essential fuel for your immune system. You can improve the oxygenation of the body by learning to breathe from the diaphragm (tummy). I also recommend laying down instead of sitting down.

2. Sit less – Those who sit for more than 8 hours per day are more likely to have health problems and die younger than those who sit for less than 3 hours per day. When you are sitting your breathing is the least effective. If you are unable to stand, laying down is better than sitting.

3. Drink Plenty of Water (with Sodium Bicarbonate) – Water is the second most critical nutrient and most people would die after 7 days of drinking no water. Consume around 6-8 glasses of pure water over the day (with a small amount of Bicarbonate of Soda and Organic Liquid Trace Minerals added for extra benefits). Tip: Prepare the bottles in the morning and take them with you or leave them on the table to remind you.

4. Walk More – Walking is vital for two reasons; improving breathing and intake of oxygen and circulating blood around the body. The heart is not a pump and does not pump blood around the body it is a circulator and needs walking movement to work efficiently. To get the most benefits; walk at a good pace with longer strides whilst keeping your pelvis slightly forward and tucked in at the bottom of the spine. If you cannot walk, then lay on your back with your legs elevated and cycle your legs every few minutes.

5. Stop eating all grains, cereals, and other high-sugar foods and drinks – Research indicates that the consumption of wheat contributes to the growth of pathogenic bacteria in our gut, adding to the mounting concern that grain/cereal (often contaminated with Roundup herbicide) is one of the worst types of foods to consume for gut health. The foods to avoid include; high-sugar foods and drinks, breads, pastry, biscuits, breakfast cereals, rice, potatoes, parsnips, and wheat-based pasta. See alternative recipes at my, and select Keto for the best health options.

6. Eat more greens, other colourful vegetables, and dark-skinned fruits – Organic options are best if possible. Many of the discount supermarkets offer organic foods at low prices.

7. Take Nutritional Supplements – Your body and cells nееd specific nutrіеnts to funсtіоn орtіmаllу. Most of the critical vitamins and minerals are no longer in foods in sufficient quantities. This is particularly important for if/when children are planned, and as we age. The Government Nutritionists will claim that eating a balanced diet contains all of the nutrients needed. This is simply not true. Most critical minerals are dangerously deficient.