Health News (Week 23 – 2013)
By Robert Redfern

I have a new eBook that will be of interest to practically all my readers.


Because somebody in every family is likely to be afflicted by the topic of the book eventually.

Before I introduce the book I want to pose a couple of questions.

Disease or not disease?

Question 1.
If I went to a doctor with the following symptoms:

  • Swollen gums
  • Severe pain in my joints
  • Shortness of breath, particularly after periods of physical activity
  • Redness and swelling in recently healed wounds; new wounds may fail to heal
  • Easily bruised skin

Disease or not disease? What do you think the doctor will do? Give me a drug? I’m sure the majority would try to find drug to put me on.

Question 2.
What if you went to your doctor with these symptoms?

  • High Cholesterol
  • Skin Lesions
  • Diarrhea, Mental Confusion, Anger and Insomnia

Disease or not disease? I would be amazed if your doctor did not give you statins for these and maybe a couple of other psychiatric drugs as well. The easy way out.

Back to Question 1. I am sure you know where this is going and the cause of these symptoms is diet – not eating foods rich in Vitamin C. The doctors call this Scurvy and it makes it sound like a disease. It is simply mal-nutrition.

Back to Question 2. The second list of symptoms? Mal-nutrition again. Not eating foods rich in vitamin B-3.

It’s as simple as that, a vitamin deficiency. Doctors may say that these symptoms above can also indicate other problems and I agree. But the test should always be against a healthy diet first, to make sure you are nutritionally sound before going any drug route.

This brings me to my eBook, ‘Solving Diabetes in 27 Days’.

I refer to Type 2 AKA Type 11 diabetes for this claim.

Over 90% of all diabetes is Type 2 and millions of people are on drugs for what is a simple lifestyle problem. I think this condition is a prime example of the influence and pressure of drug companies over the medical system. I am sure caring doctors would much prefer to solve this problem with the steps in this eBook than see their patients suffer the complications of drug treated diabetes. This includes: CVry heart disease, blindness, kidney failure, premature death, amputation and arterial damage (to name a few).

The problem is, your doctor is caught in a ‘vice like grip’ (by drug companies who are in a league with the medical authorities). Their career is on the line if they step out of line.

Simply follow the diet/lifestyle outlined in this eBook (in detail) and I absolutely promise you will clear your Type 2 diabetes in 27 days.

Download the eBook, ‘Solving Diabetes in 27 Days’ by clicking the link and get reading as soon as possible!

In addition to diet there are three support packs to choose from, depending how severe your problems are and how much help you need:

Pack 1 – Basic Blood Sugar Support
Pack 2 – Advanced Blood Sugar Support
Pack 3 – Ultimate Blood Sugar Support

Can you miss out the packs and just follow the diet and lifestyle? Yes, absolutely, but it may take longer to clear your diabetes and any complications that already exist.

PS. I only finished my book yesterday and the links in it are not currently live.