Health News
(Week 27 – 2013)

By Robert Redfern

My wife Anne has to share me with my 100,000 followers and the many emails that I get every single day. When I type the newsletter it is normally with full concentration and pretty intense. She struggles to get a word out of me.

This one is different.

Anne has implemented the ultimate solution to get my attention and to get me to herself – she is taking me away for a rare vacation to Italy.

 Next Tuesday we fly off on holiday for 7 days to the beautiful Sorrento, on the Amalfi coast, Italy. We plan to travel around the whole coast and to visit Pompeii, the ancient Roman town destroyed and buried under the ash after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, 79AD.

I still had to check that the hotel has good wi-fi!

This trip gave me the idea to share with you the things we take whenever we go away. Even though it is a relatively short one (around 500 miles) compared to my 6000 mile trip to California in September, we still prepare to stay healthy by taking our ‘travel essentials’.

No 1. is HealthPoint – which has gone on just about every trip with us for the past 21 years!

No 2. My essential MSM/Silver Drops – for my dry eyes and itchy ears.

No 3. Is Derma Q-Gel Crème – we use this moisturiser daily and will also use it as a powerful after sun if needed..

No 4. BlockBuster AllClear – amongst many other benefits it is essential in keeping the blood healthy, important when flying. It always amuses me the advice for flyers to get up and walk around. I do it but can you imagine if everyone took that advice? It would be chaos.

No 5. Prescript Assist. Even though we take this on a regular basis you can never be sure there isn’t a ‘foreign bug’ waiting to get your stomach. Prescript Assist is the fastest solution to food poisoning (at the rate of x5 per hour until recovered).

We will also have some of our other regular supplements, to ensure we continue to take these on a daily basis…..I’m not sure that we will have much room for anything else!

Unaware of my schedule when away, I have already created the newsletter for next week. This contains some very interesting information for you – so keep an eye out for it.

See the news this week that the painkiller diclofenac (one of the most commonly prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs) could significantly increase the risk of a heart attack/stroke for some patients? After the EU review it was suggested that people who have: heart conditions, high blood pressure, raised cholesterol or diabetes are at risk.

What did the MHRA say? That diclofenac “would continue to provide safe and effective pain relief, apart from patients in certain ‘at risk’ groups”. My advice? You should know by now!