Health News (Week 30 – 2014)
By Robert Redfern

Like Me You Probably Don’t Like Bad News!

Bad news!

Everyone is sickened by the bad news of airplane crashes and wars and especially when so many innocent people and children are the victims. As a family, we are on airplanes nearly every month (we live on an island) and since I know the statistics I am completely happy to make these flights. Of course I would not go in a plane that was flying over a war zone and am amazed that anyone would. Maybe the difference is that I do not accept assurances from anyone.

Even with statistics, I always review for bias. My phrase is, ‘I believe no one person but am prepared to listen, evaluate and then decide’. The conclusion I have come to is that in the Western countries (most of my readers but not all live in one of them), we are safer now than we have ever been in recorded history. We are getting safer all of the time as engineers learn from their mistakes and make technology safer and safer.


There is just one part of life where we are getting worse…

More Bad News. What you may or may not hear in the news is the failure of medical scientists to stop the avalanche of sickness, disease and deaths. Yes, they may claim success but when it is evaluated their claims do not stack up. I see this every day when I help someone who has been told nothing can be done. They get well on my plan, go back and tell the doctor and the doctor simply claims this is as a result of their ‘ineffective treatment success’.

Many people are giving up smoking and thus preventing disease and the medical system is claiming success for their treatments. People change their diet for a healthier choice and of course the medical system claims more success. People take supplements such as selenium. which has shown in some studies to halve the risk of cancer, yet the medical system claim it as part of their success.

Do you see how easy it is for the tame media to roll out a paid hireling of the medical system who can make outrageous claims for medical success when it is all smoke and mirrors? They may have some small successes but the avalanche of cancer, infections, heart disease and lung disease all roll on.

Statistics (Official figures which may be even worse in reality) show that 25% of all patients in hospital will have a mistake in their care or treatment. 1,000,000 deaths every year may be attributable to medical treatment gone wrong. This is the third leading cause of all death in the western world.

Their antibiotics are failing and they are doing nothing to solve the coming crisis. Forget about airplanes and terrorists, we have greater concerns, but you can resolve these yourselves…

My recommendations:

  1. Get Healthy
  2. Help your family to get healthy
  3. Keep healthy
  4. Get your own health screening with a second opinion on what they mean
  5. Think twice about getting any treatment from the medical system before you have explored 1-4 above