Health News (Week 34 – 2013)
By Robert Redfern

Everywhere I look I am reading that we do not need as much sleep as we get older. This is written by researchers and medical doctors (of course) and as you may have guessed by now when it comes to medical opinions, I believe they should keep theirs to themselves.

Stick to the scientific research.

I find I need more sleep now than I ever did and I also need better quality sleep. I looked at the research for an explanation and found one that goes against the opinions I mentioned above.

The explanation that I see from the research is that the more brainwork we do, the more REM sleep we need and the longer our overall sleep cycle lasts. This makes sense as I am doing more brainwork now than at any time in my life. I do much more than when I was at college (just doing enough to pass my exams) and much more than in 1960 when I was part of the team installing the first digital mainframe computers in the UK.

Now I work 16hrs per day (at least 6 days per week) researching the research to write my books and answering the many email questions I get each day. I also do not watch TV except for the odd hour when there is something really interesting on. I really think that TV, repetitive puzzles or reading pulp fiction more than 1hr per day destroys our thinking and creativeness (but that is an opinion).

Why do I need more REM sleep?

REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement. This title is simply given to identify a stage of sleep and can be identified by rapid eye movement. It is the important benefit we get from this that is critical to our health. So critical that those who do not get this stage of sleep go on to mental decline 2.2 times faster than normal.

Yes that is 2.2 times faster than normal!

When we sleep there is a period when all of the information we acquired during the day has to be assimilated and updated with all of the existing information we have in our brain. The analogy I can give for this is that of a huge delivery of books arriving at the city library. These books have to be sorted and placed in the correct categories around the library. There are too many books to place them while the library is open and so a quiet time when the library is closed is needed. The bigger the delivery of books, the more time is needed.

The more new information I am absorbing, the more REM sleep I need. If the library does not place these new books during the closed period and new deliveries keep coming in each day, the place will soon become a mess.

The same happens to me. If I do not get enough sleep and keep acquiring more information I become agitated, and if that then causes less sleep, I become in a ‘worse mess’.

This has happened recently and I am taking steps to resolve it.

Luckily I know the steps and I have the solutions and the tools at my fingertips (since I created these solutions, I have no excuse!).

To switch off and give my mind and body a rest – I use RelaxWell x 1-2 capsules at bedtime and sometimes x 1 capsule upon waking. These help to keep me asleep, to allow relaxation through the night and to make me feel rested in the day. To begin with you may feel as though you want to stay in bed in the morning – don’t. It is just because you are not used to being so relaxed!

Note: this helps me stay asleep, not get to sleep – I don’t have any problems with this. If you do, I suggest Sleep Well, I use this when travelling (see below).

RelaxWell is a unique combination of L-Tryptophan, L-Theanine & B vitamins (B3 & B6). All of these ingredients have been used for a long time to help maintain sleep and there are lots of studies to prove how powerful they are. Shop here for RelaxWell

To help relaxation, especially when travelling – I always have my Magnesium OIL ULTRA with me. I apply this to my legs to help circulation and my neck and shoulder muscles. Not only does magnesium help my muscles function, it helps reduce tiredness, fatigue and also helps my nervous system to function. Remember this isn’t just me telling you this – the E.U. have accepted this with their ‘E.U. register on Nutrition & Health Claims’. Shop here for Magnesium Oil ULTRA

When I am travelling intercontinental – I may be in Asia and California next month and my sleep patterns will be all over the place. But as soon as I get to a hotel, I stay up until evening time and take x5 sprays of Sleep Well, 30mins before bed and this brings me back into a regular sleep pattern. I do this every night to keep me in the sleep pattern. I recommend this for those who cannot get to sleep, as this will help you get to sleep and into whatever pattern you need. Shop here for Sleep Well

One of the ingredients is a plant-sourced melatonin. Melatonin is essential for not just sleep but total health – again there are many studies, and even cancer is shown to be effected by a shortage of melatonin.

Finally, one other interesting benefit of melatonin is in children with various brain disorders such as Autism, Asperger’s and ADHD etc. Studies show considerable benefits and I can recommend Magnesium Goodnight, this is Magnesium & Melatonin combined. Shop here for Magnesium Goodnight

For those suffering and who want better sleep and relaxation, try to use the least possible amount, i.e. do not take every night. Try taking these products every other night, every three nights, or every week, etc.

Sleep well tonight!I trust this all makes sense and you get the idea that sleep that is essential, both for your good health and for your mental health.

PPS: Relaxwell is SO important in this stressed world, if you want to read more about it go here: