Health News (Week 35 – 2020)
By Robert Redfern

In my opinion, children are the greatest reason for our existence. Anyone who does not have children of their own for any reason can still give their life meaning by helping to make the world a better place to ensure our children’s future. Our ancestors knew this which is how you and I are here today. Our ancestors battled against all odds to keep strong and healthy through hundreds of thousands of years to ensure your time would come.

This is our time. Will you battle against all odds to ensure our genes survive for hundreds of thousands of years?

Today’s newsletter is the difficult subject of child abuse. I am not discussing the sexual abuse of children to trap and blackmail politicians by the Deep State using degenerates such as Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. THE DEGENERATE POLITICIANS HAVE ONLY THEMSELVES TO BLAME.

The child abuse I refer to here is happening right before our eyes and may even be worse and in some ways.

Nutritional Abuse

Long time readers will know that I was born at the end of WW2 and food rationing was in force. The new government at that time looked at the science and decided the best way to strengthen the immune system of children was to supply liquid Vitamin C and liquid D3 in the form of cod liver oil. This was supplied from the Free Health Clinics to which everyone had access. Milk was also free for children and of course, it was much healthier from grass fed cows.

Although food was rationed it was only junk food that was rationed. Vegetables, fruit, fish and selenium-rich wheat from Canada, were enough to ensure a good diet was available for everyone. Those who could not afford meat made do with nutritionally rich offal such as liver and kidneys, etc.
Despite of terrible hardships people were relatively very healthy.

After nearly 10 years of free basic items and a good diet of home-cooked foods, a new government was elected. They were taking donations from the junk food industry as well as Pharma/Medical cult and the free things were phased out, rationing ended and junk food was in the ascendency. Then the Polio outbreak came. The children of those who refused the free immune support were the ones most likely to suffer.


Factory processed junk became known as food. Critical vitamins and minerals were soon on the decline, especially when wheat started to be imported from Europe with it came low levels of critical. selenium.

The junk food industry was given free license to abuse children and the rest of the people with high sugar and sodium fast food made from empty carbs. Even Corn Flakes had all of the goodness taken out of it to be sold to farmers as feedstuff. Then sugar and sodium are added to make it as addictive as possible. Eventually, a couple of synthetic nutrients were added after they were shamed into it.

The Good News

The Con-A-Virus is still so weak that in spite of the nutritionally deficient diet of children and young people, it is one of the lowest causes of premature death in this age group. It is likely that deaths from vaccinations may cause more deaths.

Psychological and Physical Abuse

Over the next few weeks, our children and young people are (or should be) starting back at school. Some will be starting school for the first time. This should be a really happy and exciting time, but many of the schools, teachers and authorities are planning to terrorise these children into keeping away from their friends and maybe even wearing masks. If the teachers and authorities had bothered to look at the science they would see there is an almost zero risk compared to a bad year for flu. There are thousands of independent doctors and Nobel scientists around the world confirming this, but it seems teachers think the fanatical profit-led Pharma/Medical Cartel is more reliable..

They could see it is A minute risk by comparing the stats from 2018. Instead, the teachers and authorities are taking their lead from the Gates Gang and Corporate Media alliance.

Don’t give up, pressure your children’s school to resist the lies of the Pharma/Medical Cartel. Gather the list of scientists and recruit other parents to join your fact-driven group.

SEE AND SHARE the studies by doctors and surgeons rejecting masks here


  • Make sure your children get lots of healthy fats in their diet (they need them for their brain)
  • Make sure your child eats fresh foods and avoids carbs and sugars as much as possible
  • Make sure children drink more water than junk drinks (avoid sugary drinks completely where possible)
  • Make sure children eat more fresh foods than junk foods
  • Make sure you pressure your school to have standing desks, as like you, they will be healthier and get better grades. Sitting on a chair for more than 3 hours per day is physically unhealthy
  • Make sure our children get the 14 Probiotics everyday, found in Probiotic14™
  • Keep building on their immunity with vitamins C and D3
  • Last, but not least, make sure our children get a good quality multivitamin, such as ActiveLife™ with vital B vitamins and over 130 nutrients you can download the list here

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Hydrosol™ Silver Spray – Hydrosol™ Silver can support your child’s immune system and acts as the body’s first line of defence. Contains silver nanoparticles. Proven to be a stable and effective Silver product. Supports the body’s natural defence system. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. 113ml/4 fl.oz.

Coral Kids Toothpaste – The world’s only natural toothpaste, formulated with Eco-Safe™ Ionic Coral Minerals, Calcium and Xylitol, providing all-natural oral protection for children’s teeth. Gives the mouth a refreshing clean. Contains a combination of hydrogen peroxide, tea tree, spearmint oils, echinacea, goldenseal, cinnamon, clove, ginseng and ginkgo for the most effective and natural toothpaste for cleaning teeth.


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