Health News (Week 38- 2016)
By Robert Redfern

Last week I raged (well it felt like it when I read it back) about Diabetes and Sugar. My newsletter was no sooner in the mail than I received notice of a gigantic scientific fraud and how it was committed.

If you missed my Week 37 newsletter you can read it here now or read it after this week’s news.

In last week’s newsletter I stated I am an enemy of the state of the whole rotten, medical, food and government system that is helping to perpetuate disease and Pharma drug taking.

Simple Fraud.

Imagine how angry I am to read your doctor’s diet recommendations are all based upon the crime of fraud? Are you? I have written many times that the diet we eat is the prime cause of 99% of all disease and that disease promoting diet is based upon official food recommendations. I honestly thought it was all based upon a genuine mistake.

All of the diet recommendations are based upon a simple fraud that paid Harvard scientists to fraudulently deny sugar is the cause of disease and instead pointed the cause of disease to essential fats. Not only did this encourage a high carbohydrate diet but discouraged essential fats in the diet. An example is avocados. I get furious when I hear readers tell me their doctor advised them not to eat avocados (one of the healthiest foods on the planet) because they are high in fats – crazy!

Make no mistake I consider that these are crimes against humanity and these fraudsters should all stand trial but they won’t. These crimes are increasing and are not just a ‘one off’.

How they committed this crime against humanity…


This is taken from The New York Times article:

Documents show that a trade group called the Sugar Research Foundation, known today as the Sugar Association, paid three Harvard scientists to publish a 1967 review of research on sugar, fat and heart disease. The studies used in the review were handpicked by the sugar group, and the article, which was published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, minimized the link between sugar and heart health and cast aspersions on the role of saturated fat.
Even though the influence-peddling revealed in the documents dates back nearly 50 years, more recent reports show that the food industry has continued to influence nutrition science.

The Harvard scientists and the sugar executives with whom they collaborated are no longer alive. One of the scientists who was paid by the sugar industry was D. Mark Hegsted, who went on to become the head of nutrition at the United States Department of Agriculture, where in 1977 he helped draft the forerunner to the federal government’s dietary guidelines. Another was Dr. Fredrick J. Stare, the chairman of Harvard’s nutrition department.

It is still happening today!!!!

Last year, an article in The New York Times revealed that Coca-Cola, the world’s largest producer of sugary beverages, had provided millions of dollars in funding to researchers who sought to play down the link between sugary drinks and obesity. In June, The Associated Press reported that candy makers were funding studies that claimed that children who eat candy tend to weigh less than those who do not

This crime could not have been perpetuated without the medical, government and food industries turning a blind eye to this and all studies and this is why the fraud continues to this day.

The fraud was so well perpetuated that even today the official guidelines are to cut back on fats and to include starchy carbohydrates in your diet.


  • The food industry is a gigantic fraud.
  • The government supports the food industry so is party to it.
  • The medical system supports the food industry (but is starting to criticise it…a little late…and not strongly enough).

Taking responsibility for your own health is essential. My recommendations to get healthy and achieve a healthy weight are specific and correct:

  • Stop all starchy carbs/grains and cereals: breads, cookies, breakfast cereals, rice, potatoes, high sugar foods such as parsnips, high sugar fruits and drinks.
  • Replace all of the above with healthy alternatives such as: Really Healthy Pasta, Sprouted BuckWheat Flour and Sprouted Oats. See recipes at
  • Consume high levels of green and coloured vegetables, nuts, seeds and pulses.
  • 2016-21-01Consume high levels of fats in avocados, seeds such as hemp and oily fish. If you eat meat, chicken and eggs it must be organic or at the very least pasture raised but never corn fed.

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