Health News (Week 39 – 2018)
By Robert Redfern

My apologies if I ‘go on’ about cancer but so many people who follow natural health are afraid of cancer but still do not avoid the causes of cancer that they really should be afraid of.

The number of people getting cancer is continuing to rise in spite of the ‘medical mafia’ getting billions in donations from charities and governments. All the medical mafia are bragging about is a few people living a little longer by taking drugs that bankrupt the medical systems.

They gave up the cure promises a long time ago and especially since Goldman Sachs (the banksters) advised them to stop searching for real cures as they are not profitable.

What Should You Be Afraid Of?

  1. Missing nutrients in your diet such as Selenium, Vitamin D3, Iodine and many more.
  2. Starchy carbs and sugar in your diet.
  3. Factory processed foods full of chemicals.
  4. Chemically laden foods.
  5. ‘Unnaturally’ farmed fish and meats.
  6. Insufficient vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouted pulses and health fats.

Be Afraid of Doctors?

Why be afraid of doctors…is that fair since they are mainly nice people trying to do a good job? It would be if doctors were telling you about the causes of cancers and how easy it is to avoid most of them, but they don’t.

Doctors don’t tell you that studies show if you have more than double the recommended daily amount of vitamin D3, selenium and iodine in your body you will NOT get cancer in most cases. Published data suggests a huge 4 out of 5 breast cancer reoccurrences— could be prevented simply by quadrupling vitamin D levels and nothing else (without harmful drugs for the rest of your life).

Doctors Are Prevented From Practicing Health Care.

In most western countries where medicine is under the control of the ‘medical mafia’ doctors are prevented or too scared to offer health care by advising the public about the 6 real causes of the diseases above. Doctors that want to practice healthcare are threatened with dire consequences if they tell the truth.

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Search cancer at for my many articles and examine and compare your lifestyle to my list showing what you need to be afraid of.

Here are a few recent articles to educate yourself with…

Why It’s Curcumin Not Curry Spice That Can ‘Cure’ Cancer

Curcumin is in the news again this week, with This Morning highlighting how Dieneke Ferguson, 67, “remarkably improved” her cancer condition by taking the Indian spice turmeric.

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Week 23 (2018) – Good News About Cancer?

Health News (Week 23 – 2018) By Robert Redfern I am furious about some ‘good news’ in the news about cancer. US Researchers just announced, triumphantly, that many women (60%) with breast cancer no longer need to…

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5G Emitting LED Lights Linked With Cancer And Fatal Health Risks

Residents in Gateshead, a town in the North East of England have been warned that the 5G radiation emitted from LED street lamps in the area could be wreaking havoc with their health.

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Cell Phone Radiation Effects Heavily Linked With Cancer

Cell phone radiation has been heavily linked with cancer according to a recent government study. Researchers exposed the rats to intermittent whole body radiation. They did this for nine hours a day, seven days a week for…

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Vitamin C Found To Be Cytotoxic To Cancer Cells…

Vitamin C is cytotoxic to cancer cells when it is administered in high doses, according to research. It also has a high number of heart and cardiovascular benefits.

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Week 09 (2018) – Do Eggs Cause Prostate Cancer?

Health News (Week 09 – 2018) By Robert Redfern Just about halfway on my travels around the world. The next leg is 14 hours from Melbourne Australia to Los Angeles in the USA to visit the Natural…

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Why You Should Take Omega 3 Oils To Reduce Your Colon Cancer Risk…

Omega 3 oils are used by cancer patients to lower their blood pressure risk, reduce triglycerides and improve general heart health. Yet a new study suggests that people taking fish oils may also benefit from a reduced…

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Processed Food Linked With Increased Cancer Risk

Processed food may cause increased cancer risk according to new research published in the BMJ. The research indicates that people consuming high amounts of ultra-processed food also tend to be obese or overweight. Studies into people consuming more…

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Poor Lifestyle Choices Cause Half Of All Cancers

Poor lifestyle choices can cause half of all cancers according to a major new research project. Researchers from the American Cancer Society say that over 42 per cent of the 659, 640 new cancer cases reported in…

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Curcumin Proven To ELIMINATE Stage-3 Myeloma Cancer

Curcumin has been shown to eliminate cancer, it has been documented within the British Medical Journal “case reports” archive. The medical establishments have been forced to document the case of a woman completely eliminating Stage-3 myeloma cancer.

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Your doctor will never be able to confirm the above while the ‘medical mafia’ is given absolute power of your health. You have to take control over your own health care.