Health News (Week 42 – 2018)
By Robert Redfern

First, What Is A Drug?

A drug (now incorrectly called medicine) is a substance usually produced synthetically which is used to try to cure, treat, or prevent disease. Drugs very rarely do this and less than 5% of the tens of thousands of drugs prescribed by doctors ever cure a disease. Instead, drugs, in most cases, have side-effects and produce millions of deaths worldwide. I specifically used to exclude antibiotics from this failure statement but we now know that there are deadly long-term effects from taking antibiotics.

So, What Is A Medicine?

Traditionally, a medicine was a plant (or usually made from plants) to try to cure, treat, or prevent disease. According to the history books, the results are good but not perfect but probably resulted in fewer deaths as a direct result. Of course, the terms ‘drugs’ and ‘medicines’ are now mixed up by the medical mafia and the word drug has slowly been dropped so that even the deadliest medical drugs are benignly called medicine.

Thought Folic Acid Was A Medicine?

Folic acid is a synthetically produced drug form of an essential nutrient called Folate. The drug, Folic acid is not a true form of folate but got a good reputation for reducing the incidence of spina bifida in a Prenatal drug trail. Spina Bifida is a nasty condition suffered by babies whose mother did not or could not afford to eat a really healthy diet. For many years, mothers-to-be were told they were eating for two and could eat whatever they wanted for a healthy baby and to compensate for the subsequent malnourishment recommended to take the drug, Folic Acid.

It is only by eating a really healthy food plan and supplementing missing nutrients from the diet that this can ensure both healthy fertility and a healthy baby.

Is Folic Acid Good Or Bad?

If you take high doses of Folic acid, it can have side effects. However, for those people eating a junk food diet consisting mainly of bread, pastry, cookies, biscuits, breakfast cereals, white rice, potatoes, pasta and high sugar foods, supplementing will help to prevent Spina Bifida. For clarity, it does not prevent the other side effects of such a poor diet on the mother and baby. It certainly will NOT prevent Spina Bifida on the 30% of women who do not respond to the drug Folic Acid, as they have a very low activity of the MTHFR protein which is needed to utilize this drug. These women need Folate.

In The News!

The news is that most governments around the world are adding the Folic Acid drug to bread (whether you like it or not) as the junk food culture is producing more damaged and subsequently aborted babies. As I pointed out above, Prenatal Folic Acid will have some benefit for people eating a junk diet including bread but this will not help to create healthy mothers and babies.

If you have a really healthy diet and included high levels of leafy greens (broccoli, spinach, kale, cabbage, pulses, and nuts) you will get all of the natural Folate utilized by every mother – including those with a weak MTHFR gene.

What Do You Do?

I dropped Folic Acid many years ago from my formulations and instead included the ingredient closest to natural Folate. I included this Folate in my B4Health formulation for those suffering from High Homocysteine and the ultimate nutrient formulation, ActiveLife.

ActiveLife has 130 different nutrients which also has many missing nutrients, even from a really healthy food plan. The fact is, nutrients are rapidly reducing in all foods from over-farming and processing. Only by taking supplements can you replace them. This is the prime thought when I formulate the ingredients for my formulations, as well as the value for money.

I am aware of financial constraints that exist in the majority of the public and so I only include ingredients with the highest efficiency that can be taken in high doses or low doses. Those with financial constraints can simply take less over a longer period to still get benefits from these effective formulations.

Whatever your condition, there is a plan in my eBooks which you can find at

Fertility and Pregnancy

It is getting more and more essential if you want to get pregnant and produce healthy babies, to eat a really healthy food plan and to take supplements to cover all possible deficiencies. This may not be the advice of doctors but science is always ahead of medical advice. For more information on healthy fertility, my eBook can be downloaded, Here


There are no side effects from taking high-quality nutrients and they actually act as a health insurance, similar to taking out life insurance – it is better to have them, than to not.