Health News (Week 45- 2016)
By Robert Redfern

Many of my readers date back to the early 90’s, who we (Anne and I) met face to face, demonstrating our HealthPoint at various shows such as Home Shows, Craft Shows, Natural Health Shows and even Boat Shows in the UK, North America and Europe. We were there to show them and passers-by at our booth that they could be out of pain or get immediate relief from many conditions. We did not go there to make a fool of ourselves.

We knew HealthPoint worked immediately if used correctly and so all we had to do was to treat the knee or the back or the asthma points (any of the 160 conditions in the manual) to get instant results. Most people were so excited they asked could they buy one there and then, after a lesson on its use. We never asked anyone to buy it. Were we demonstrating or selling? They were certainly buying.

The fact is they had a need and a want (relief), they had a demonstration, made a decision and they bought. They are still buying support for their health based upon the trust established face to face 25 years ago.

Twenty years ago I found lots of information regarding the causes of disease and although we never stopped providing HealthPoint we realized that the very diet most people are eating is the prime cause of disease.

We only attend the booth at professional shows nowadays and have established a relationship with both our old readers and new ones via my newsletter, books, magazines and articles. It is a little harder to gain people’s trust this way but we are succeeding with great results gained and we still have plans for a weekly 2 hour Internet TV show to discuss and answer questions about your health concerns.

Am I Selling?

Or are you buying? If you urgently want good health then I am selling. The truth is the HealthPoint and all of the supplements that I have formulated over the past 25 years all work, but…! They work, but only work in the long-term if you cover the bases including the lifestyle changes that fix the cause. Yes there are a few things such as selenium, iodine and magnesium etc that are missing from the average diet but most of the things fall into three camps: Critical, essential and nice if you can afford them. My life’s mission is to sell the concept of good health to everyone.


At Christmas time and the four weeks following in western countries, more people die in this 6-week period than in any similar period in the year. I don’t believe they are dying from the excitement or stress of this holiday season. I am convinced they are already heading for a fall and their diet from November onwards has a cumulative effect and may tip them over the edge just after Christmas.

I Mean You!

I am saying them but I really mean you. No one else is going to persuade you to eat my ReallyHealthy® Foods diet, drink water with a pinch of bicarbonate of soda in each glass, walk for 1-2 hours every day as fast as you can, and stop sitting down for more than 3hrs every day.

My ReallyHealthy® Foods diet is to stop all grains and cereals, all processed foods containing them, all factory farmed fish, seafoods (eg shrimp) and meats and dairy, all factory farmed chicken and eggs, all high sugar fruits, drinks, sugar, potatoes and parsnips.

Replace them with our diet of fresh or frozen vegetables, nuts, seeds, pulses along with organic meats and fish if you eat them.

How else can you get as healthy as we are at aged 70? The supplements we take are helpful but only following the lifestyle we have will ensure it.

Two Steps to Good Health:

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