Health News (Week 48 – 2014)
By Robert Redfern

Life’s a pain? Not for me. It used to be almost thirty years ago when it was so bad that after a day’s driving, I had to beep the car horn for my wife Anne to come out to help me from the car and into the house.

The pain in my back was so severe my legs would fold if I tried to walk unaided.

I was full of pain from top to bottom in my back and other parts of my body and I presumed even at aged forty that it was part of ‘getting older’. At that time I believed the medical system when they said that it was wear and tear and the “start of arthritis that eventually happens to everyone”. Even then I did not like the idea of taking over the counter painkilling drugs so I went to a chiropractor, who managed to keep me upright but did not fix the overall pain. Not interested in natural health at the time, a chiropractor was as close as I got to natural health!

It took another ten years of pain before great changes happened. Anne came across electronic acupressure and treated her father’s arthritic knee with immediate results. This was a lucky moment because if she had not had this success, she would not have gone on to treat me and we would not have gone on to develop HealthPoint, which has treated hundreds of thousands of people around the world!

The journey to natural health for Anne and I had truly started….

It didn’t end there. In Salt Lake City in 1993, I was giving a talk on HealthPoint and sat in on the next speakers talk, ‘One Sickness, One Disease, One Cure’. The point was it is all down to diet and only a diet free from starchy carbs, sugar and animal protein (along with supplementation of the critical missing minerals) can deliver long-term natural health. The speaker mentioned all of the scientific studies to back it up and I was sold. I bought his book and his wife bought a HealthPoint.

Over the past 20 years our health (and life) got better and better as our diet improved and we found super supplements that helped ensure this health. All was well until three years ago….

I came across the Paleo Diet. This is a diet that is free from starchy carbs and high sugar foods but advocates eating naturally reared meat and poultry. I did miss meat and so was seduced by this diet and started to eat meat and poultry again. That was up until yesterday 26th Nov. 2014. Yesterday I watched a 90 minute video completely destroy the idea that any meat is healthy. The video went through dozens of studies showing that meat and poultry are dangerous for our health – even naturally reared (pasture raised).

I have mentioned before that I have some slight degeneration on my heart valve, which has not got worse (which is good) but has also not got better.

From yesterday I now follow a ‘Paleo Vegan Diet’ as part of my very own health plan. It is really the same diet as before except no animal products and also no fish. Why no fish? That is my protest at the desecration of the fish in the sea by global companies and certain countries that are vacuuming the sea of all life and factory farmed fish is the same as factory farmed meat and poultry – toxic and dangerous.

So, 30 years later ….what happened to the medical claim that I had arthritis and degeneration in my joints? I ignored the doctors, founded HealthPoint, changed my diet and started on a nutritional supplement plan that not only cleared up all of my pain problems, but also cleared up my headaches and colon diseases in the process. It was no fluke as hundreds of thousands have had similar success following my books and plans.

This is the link to the recommended diet – Really Healthy Foods

If you have joint pain anywhere in the body this is the plan – Joint and Back Pain

Enjoy your food today but tomorrow start enjoying your pain-free future. And remember that kindness and love of yourself are great healers and protectors all on their own.

P.S. All Vegans are at risk of high homocysteine and must take B4Health to ensure they get all of the B vitamins missing from their diet, as well as all of the critical fatty acids, e.g. Hemp Oil.