Health News (Week 48 – 2018)
By Robert Redfern

Yesterday, I travelled on seven trains to have a two-hour business meeting with two people who have a long expertise in the natural products industry. They are advising and helping to spread the message on the leading-edge products created and sold by Good Health Naturally. It was a good meeting and I learned a lot about the sales of supplements through independent health stores and especially the challenges.

For this alone, it was worth my travels but during the meeting, it came out that one of the experts had a fibroid and was considering surgical removal. What further transpired in this conversation was she did not know about two of the most critical minerals for human health: iodine and selenium. Worse still, doctors had not advised her about supplementing with these and many other minerals and even more critically, did not mention lowering sugar, carbohydrates and other high sugar foods and drinks.

The good news is that she is 100% going onto the health plan. Yes, even with the holiday season happening. She is more concerned about her health and prepared to miss one holiday season so she can enjoy many more. P.S: There are lots of Keto Christmas cakes and goodies.

Don’t Listen To Doctors?

The facts are clear that many doctors are very good at diagnosing a condition but almost useless at diagnosing a cure. OK, surgery is essential when a life is at imminent risk but even surgery has risks.

You will have read in my newsletters that over 2million people receiving treatment in European hospitals die from sepsis acquired in that hospital. Actually, most die from the ignorance (or sometimes arrogance) of the doctors who refuse to administer the ‘Vitamin C I.V.’ protocol that is shown in a landmark study to save 87% of those sepsis patients.

I know more about hospitals in the United Kingdom but governments around the world are to blame for giving the Pharma and medical organisations a total monopoly (fascist?) control over your health. This means they call everything a disease but almost never admit it is 100% caused and cured by diet change and supplementation. You have to be your own recovery expert.

An Epidemic of Gynaecological Conditions

Fibroids, Polycystic Ovaries (PCOS), Infertility, Blocked Fallopian Tubes and Endometriosis, are the most common genealogical conditions caused by lack of critical minerals in the diet and they are compounded by sugar, carbohydrates and other high sugar foods and drinks. There are other factors such as sitting more than 3 hours per day, not standing while working or studying and walking at least 3-5 miles that are accountable too.


Most health conditions are caused by lack of nutrients, toxins and a high carb/sugar diet. Vegetables, missing minerals and other nutrients are the cure. Drugs are almost never a cure, and surgery is the last resort when your life is on the line. Please contact the Health Coaches if you want to discuss your problems but there are no shortcuts to good health.

So, How Do I Clear Fibroids And Most Other Gynaecological Problems?