Health News (Week 51 – 2013)
By Robert Redfern

Thank you to everyone who sent greetings and Christmas wishes to me, Anne, and our family.

We cannot reply to everyone individually and so please accept this as our sincere thanks.

We have been busy taking this holiday opportunity seeing all of our family in the UK and especially our newest addition, Jacob Michael Redfern, our fifth grandchild. Living so far away (he lives in Wales), these moments are precious and at 11 weeks old he is just at that gorgeous chuckling stage. Definitely not to be missed.

2014 is just around the corner and I am frantically planning the new support system I want to have fully in place before this year is finished. The prime thing is to get trained health coaches in place for everyone who wants personal support, so they can achieve good health. The simple facts are that when my health plans are followed correctly, good results are obtained.

I want a worldwide service that enables everyone to get these good results. I will keep you informed of these plans as they take fruition.

An important plan that can’t wait is my Alzheimer’s Support Plan. I have a new plan designed to show measurable improvement within 30 days and I want to implement this in mid January 2014. I am looking for those who are still living at home and/or who have a career at home who can help to implement this new plan – with my personal support of course.