Health News (Week 6 – 2014
By Robert Redfern

I am sure you have noticed in the media over the last few months all manner of discussion regarding the epidemic of Alzheimer’s and Senility. It isn’t just the usual western countries where there is an epidemic – since the main cause of these diseases is now common in most countries it is increasing just about everywhere.


Leaving aside the cause, these problems are catastrophic for the sufferer, their loved ones and society as a whole. It is mega stressful for the sufferer and their family, and it may be also be catastrophic for their finances – even in free social care countries, as it will eventually bankrupt their system.

The Cause

Anyone who has followed my writings over the past 20 years or so will know I attribute grains, cereals, high sugar foods and drinks as the prime cause of most diseases. I always included Alzheimer’s as one of those diseases based upon the various studies. The studies are coming thick and fast and indeed some researchers are calling it Diabetes Type 3 or Grain Brain. This is because the link between poisoning the brain with excess sugars is absolute.

The Solution

The solution is as complex as that for any other serious disease: change the diet, take proper nutrients, exercise and stick to the plan. I say complex because the older we get the harder even little changes become. I do appreciate this and wish I could promise a magic pill that would make everything fine (like the medical system does) only it is not true and never will be. To succeed, the four parts of the plan have to be made part of your life to prevent or reverse Alzheimer’s. It is the same whether it is lung disease, heart disease or Diabetes Type 2. Stop doing the things that caused it and do the things that will heal it.

My eBook: Improving Alzheimer’s in 30 Days

I have written an eBook with the plan in step-by-step detail and created a new formula to head this up. The book explains in more detail about the causes, but more importantly shows everything that can help you or someone you know to recover from Alzheimer’s.

Personal Support

This is a little later than I planned but we are ready with our support for those who suffer from Alzheimer’s. To help those who are caring for early stage Alzheimer’s where the sufferer is still managed at home, we are offering a personal support plan at no charge. This is to help ensure they a have better understanding of the changes needed.

I am initially limiting this to 40 people who would like our help with this support plan. They can be anywhere in the world as long as they have the Internet (initially and then phone support later).

The support includes: Email, help desk tickets and phone or skype support. I have put together a dedicated team of Health Coaches that I will be heading up to help you through this 30-day period. You will need to ask us for any help in any area and keep a diary for each of the 30 days.

You will need to:

  • Fill in the answers for the sufferer’s start test that is in the eBook
  • Do your best to keep to the plan in the book and the extra instructions we supply.
  • Keep a daily diary so we see what was possible during the 30 days.
  • Fill in the answers for the sufferer’s end test so we can measure the improvement at the end of the 30 days.

To be part of this initial group of 40, please read the eBook to see the plan and if you are OK Click Here and send us your details.

Of course everyone can download the book and get started and still get our usual great support but the close personal support team will only be available for the initial 40 people until after we have refined this personal support plan.