Author and Nutritionalist Robert Redfern addressed in The Miracle Enzyme the importance of the daily dosage of 80,000IU when taking  Serrapeptase rather than a lesser dosage others advise.

“A frequently asked question is, Why do I recommend an 80,000IU dose when the early studies used just 10,000IU?’ Redfern writes.

“The answer is simply because I have found it works that much better. People are now clearing health problems unheard in 1999 when I first came across serrapeptase,” Redfern writes.

“The (story of) Mike Tawse may never have happened without higher dose serrapeptase.”

“In ten years of high doses there have been no reports of any side effect from these doses except for a few reports from those with a previous dysfunctional digestive tract. This can easily be fixed with my digestive recovery plan,” Redfern writes in The Miracle Enzyme.