Cereals are often marketed as health foods as they contain ‘wholegrains’, are ‘fiber rich’ and ‘a good source of vitamins and minerals’. But if you care about your health, you would avoid these products once you understand that most cereals regardless of how ‘high fiber’ or ‘whole grain’ they are can cause extreme harm to your hormone levels and cause blood sugar levels to spike out of control.

This is true of all cereals as they significantly spike the blood sugar to dangerous levels. The result is that fat storing hormones are released within the body and this causes more carb cravings later on. The starches in these cereals break down to sugar and this can cause great harm to the blood sugar regulation system, especially if you are eating 40-60 grams of corn or pure table sugar daily.

The large spikes in the blood sugar start to damage the body’s cells as it goes through the glycation process. This starts ageing the joints, organs and the skin…even the brain. The high blood sugar also has an effect on the release of growth hormones that affect youthfulness, so to feel and look younger for a long time, avoiding cereals is recommended.

The more cereal eaten, the more the spike in blood sugar levels and this adds stress to the pancreas and the other organs that are related to blood sugar control. When insulin levels surge on a daily basis, this can lead many peopele to suffer with Diabetes Type 2 and the outcome is people having to inject themselves with insulin and stabbing themselves in the fingers doing blood tests on a daily basis.

Wheat ingredients can also cause gut inflammation and there is the risk of long term gut damage from eating gluten and lectins, even in those who aren’t gluten intolerant/sensitive. Cereals also cause cravings for more carbs by causing blood sugar spikes and insulin surges that can cause all of the sugar to go from the blood into the (fat) cells and this later causes drops in blood sugar levels hours later. The result is the craving for more carbs and sugary based foods later on.

Eating starchy foods such as cereals can train the body to rely on carbs for energy, but doing this only makes it become more of a carb burner instead of a fat burner. But by training the body to consume healthy fats instead such as avocado, coconut oil, cream, eggs, grass-fed butter, nuts, olive oil, pasture-fed meats and seeds it’s possible to train the body to become a fat-burning machine.

This is because these foods create a fat-adapted metabolism, reducing overall carb intake and simultaneously increasing the healthy fat intake in the process. When the level of carbs in the diet are low, the body then begins to rely on the healthy fats for energy instead.

Choose healthier starch-free options

To stay healthy, it’s wise to avoid eating carbs as they can make it more difficult to lose weight. Instead, filling up on healthy-gut probiotics, healthy fats and protein is the best solution for anyone who wants to shed the pounds. Eating wild dark berries with full fat Greek yoghurt at breakfast for example is a good idea as this can keep blood sugar levels stable, keep energy and hormone levels balanced and prevent any cravings for more sugary starches later on.

Another healthy breakfast alternative to cereal could include eggs, vegetables and avocado. It’s possible to make a tasty breakfast in 5 minutes using these types of ingredients and it’s a much healthier and tasty alternative to eating cereals too.

If you’re looking to avoid grains, one healthy alternative to consider is Really Healthy Pasta™ made from legumes and nothing else. It’s available in a variety of flavours including Black Bean, Buckwheat, Chickpea, Mung Bean and Red Lentil in penne and fusilli shapes. It can be enjoyed at any time of the day and is perfect for breakfast as part of a salad, lunch, dinner or enjoyed aslone as a healthy snack. For more info, visit: www.reallyhealthypasta.com. Hopefully this will give you some idea of the range and diversity of foods available that can be enjoyed at breakfast time instead.