Joint pain can be relieved by using these natural health remedies to find relief for inflammation that can cause swelling and various pains in the body.


    1. Ginger and Turmeric. This contains Curcumin, an active compound with strong anti-inflammation properties and many therapeutic benefits that can prevent the body’s response to injury by causing inflammation and this can relieve joint pain.
    2. Dandelion Leaves. A good source of Vitamins A and C, dandelion has an active role in regenerating the connective tissues of the body and


    1. Nettle. The nutrients in nettle can help to strengthen bones and reduce inflammation, all while contributing to pain relief.


    1. Serra Enzyme. This proteolytic enzyme can dissolve and then digest inflamed tissue within the body that is causing the painful symptoms to occur.


    1. Magnesium. This is an essential mineral that can equip the body with the ability to carry out numerous critical functions relating to re-formation and the curing of injured joints and bones.


    1. Borage Oil. This can be effective at relieving joint pain and stiffness, while reducing any need for medications. This can be taken in capsule form and can help to reduce any sensitivity with joints and inflammation.


    1. Cayenne Pepper. The capsaicin containing Cayenne Pepper has been shown to provide relief for moderate joint pain. One study cited by the NCIB (National Center For Information Biotechnology) found that the effects of treatment can be a topical remedy to provide mild pain relief. For best results, it’s recommended to use this in conjunction with other remedies to relieve joint pain.


    1. Eucalyptus Oil and Methanol. Eucalyptus is a pure essential oil that has many healing properties and can be used to treat a wide range of health conditions including lung problems, joint problems and more.


    1. Extra-Virgin Olive Oil. Research has suggested that taking extra-virgin olive oil can provide relief for joint pain, especially when 2 tablespoons or more are included as part of a really healthy diet.


    1. Licorice. The active compound found in licorice is known as Glycyrrhizin and this has potent anti-inflammatory effects that can inhibit the activity of inflammation causing enzymes within the body. This is therefore effective at relieving joint pains.


    1. Burdock Root. As burdock root is full of sterols, along with essential fatty acids and tannins, this can contribute to the reduction of power in treating inflammation and providing relief for joint pain.


    1. Pectin and Grape Juice. Pectin can play an important role in restoring the lubrication and elasticity of the injured synovial membrane which can be found in the soft padded tissue of the joints. This tissue makes it easy for the joints to move and while more research is required on this topic, it was found that those who drank liquid pectin with grape juice found this remedy to be highly effective.


  1. Willow Bark. The bark from this is often used to make medicine and it can act like aspirin to provide pain relief. It can be used for headaches, muscle aches, menstrual cramps, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and more.