Mindfulness meditation can provide greater pain relief than a placebo, according to new research published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

Many meditators and mindfulness practitioners have long touted the benefits of practicing this reflective activity and the benefits on pain and brain imaging technology has indicated more about the mechanisms involved in this process.
The findings from scientists at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem NC, indicate that patterns of brain activity can be differentiated from those produced by a placebo cream.
The reduction of meditation-related pain is a rapidly expanding field but more specific experimental evidence is required to advance this theory.
Mindfulness involves sustaining your attention on the moment to moment qualities and any cognitive, emotional and sensory events. It is also recognising that these events are momentary, changeable and fleeting, accompanied by a consequent lack of cognitive or emotional appraisal or reactions to particular events.
Meditation is often referred to as ‘mindfulness’ but usually encompasses two broad categories: focused attention and open monitoring. The focused attention is on the flow of breath or external objects, while the open-monitoring involves non-direct acknowledgement of cognitive, emotional or sensory events that may arise in the mind, as in Zen meditation.
Mindfulness has been recognised as having many potential health benefits for reducing stress, anxiety and depression. It has also been associated with regulating emotions, positive moods and enhanced cognitive control.
Whenever you’re feeling pain, it’s therefore recommended to practice mindfulness…even if you only have 10 minutes free time, it’s possible to experience significant pain relief from practicing this simple technique.
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