Following a fiber-rich diet and taking Vitamin A can prevent allergies, research has shown. A high fiber diet has been shown to instruct the immune system to be able to better tolerate foods like peanuts that can otherwise set off allergies.

These findings reveal the insights involved in communicating between the gut bacteria and the immune system when it comes to preventing a life threatening allergic response. The research from Monash University found that the lack of fiber involved in the modern diet is causing an increase in allergies.

The data from this study showed that prebiotic therapy can recolonize the gut. When combined with Vitamin A, it can work together to prevent and even reverse allergies.

The test subjects in the study were put on a high-fiber diet and it was found to play a role in reshaping the microbiota of both the gut and colon. This has a protective effect when it comes to food allergies. The team also found that the microbiota within the gut can help the immune system to resist allergies by breaking the fiber down into short-chain fatty acids. The SFA’s can also strengthen the dendritic cells and this is where an allergic response is initiated.

The Benefits of Vitamin A

Vitamin A has also been shown to be required for the dendritic cells, that is also found abundantly in many fruits and vegetables. The research also suggests that low levels of SFAs and Vitamin A can promote food allergies within infants. This could therefore explain why children and infants are often found to have the highest prevalence of allergies.

Choosing A Fiber-Rich Diet

Eating fiber-rich foods is highly recommended therefore and some good examples include fruits and vegetables, along with a wide range of pulses and legumes. Foods such as black beans, buckwheat, chickpeas, mung beans and red lentils are good choices of legumes to consider adding into the diet as they are high in fiber, iron and protein. This research suggests that eating more legumes is a good idea for anyone who wants to decrease their risk of allergies.

Recommended Examples

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