Pain in the elderly might not be so easily reduced with Yoga and Qi Gong exercises as previously thought, according to new German research. The study looked at lower back pain in a group of 175 volunteers aged 65 or over at one of Germany’s largest medical research institutions -Charité – Universitätsmedizin in Berlin.

Patients were divided into three groups for randomised controlled trials. One group practised the Viniyoga method and the other took Nei Yang Gong, a qigong course. While the third received no intervention, for up to 3 months.

At the end of this period, the patients were then told to grade their pain from 0 to 4 with 4 being significant pain and 0 representing no pain. The results indicated there was no difference between the groups. Researchers expected to see a significant difference in measurement so tested again 3 months later but still found no significant differences.

The findings were surprising given that the researchers expected the study to show yoga provided a reduction in pain. The study isn’t however suggesting that yoga isn’t beneficial for the body’s overall health and flexibility, merely that it might not be as effective as previously thought. The paper will appear in the American Pain Society journal next month.

Yoga and Qi Gong are ancient spiritual and meditative practices that allow chi (energy) to flow freely through the body through a series of delicate movements (Qi Gong) and postures known as asanas (yoga). There are some studies suggesting that Qi Gong can reduce anxiety, blood pressure and depression along with the risk of falls in older adults. Previous studies have also shown the beneficial effects of practising yoga for relieving back pain, but these good results were mostly found in young participants.

What This Means…

There is a chance this study may be misleading as there is the possibility that the participants were shown the wrong exercises on purpose so that they would fail.

Yoga is still worth doing and has many benefits, not only for keeping the body healthy, but also for relaxing the mind and spirit. The study is suggesting however that it might not be as efficient when it comes to relieving back pain, especially in the elderly.

The main cause of back pain is inflammation and this is estimated to affect around 80% of adults. It’s thought that throughout life, this is caused by a mixture of physical inactivity, excessive sitting or weight gain…that leads to weak muscles in the back and core, resulting in inflammation. All of this can affect the health of the back, especially as the body ages. Stretching exercises like Pilates and Yoga that are specific to the back and core are therefore essential for good back health, stretching the spine and rebuilding the muscles.

Add Serrapeptase For a Naturally Healthy Solution to Back Pain

One way to find relief for back pain is with Serrapeptase. This is a naturally occurring enzyme known as Serratia E-15 protease, originally derived from silkworms (but now manufactured within a laboratory) that can safely dissolve inflammation within the body, allowing for it to be eliminated via the kidneys. Once the inflammation is gone, the body can then naturally start to heal itself and the painful symptoms disappear too.

Other methods worth considering for finding back pain relief include Myofascial massage, a massage technique that stimulates the soft tissue and provides traction to the fascia. This releases and softens the fascia, leading to a gradual breakdown of the adhesion. When these trigger points are located and pressure applied, considerable pain relief will result.

Taking Magnesium can relax nerve cells, enhance cell membrane permeability and ease any inflammation in the area. Magnesium is best applied topically as it’s more easily absorbed into the body this way.

Omega-3 fatty acids can reduce neck and back pain according to various studies and may also decrease any painful symptoms and protect cell membranes. Acupressure on the body’s painful trigger points can also stimulate and release any tension in these areas.

Doing yoga can help to relax the body, but by taking the Serrapeptase enzyme, alongside with following a healthy nutrition and lifestyle plan for back pain here, it’s possible to see significant improvements in any painful symptoms experienced in this area.

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