The medical community has long prescribed antibiotics when patients have faced infection, but we are watching the end of this treatment’s effectiveness as bacteria mutate and evolve to resist such interventions.

And this outcome is showing why this approach was incorrect from the start. Instead, boost the body’s weapon against infection_ the immune system.

In a recent dialog on the Facebook Fan Page, TheMiracleEnzyme, Nutritionalist Robert Redfern recommends 1st Line (Thiocyanate) – Immune System Support Kit.

Mary K.: My daughter had been suffering from severe daily headaches for nearly 7 months. On Saturday, I started to give her Serrapeptase 3X 3 times a day. The difference is her is amazing – her headaches are vastly improved – still affected by light, her mood is significantly better and she is not as stiff (she used to feel very stiff nearly all of the time) She had meningitis at 6 weeks old and I have wondered if all of this is related. She is now 13, and no Dr. has been able to do anything for her.

Robert Redfern: Mary, I recommend 1st Line to clear any lurking infections. 1 kit is usually enough but you can give her 2 or even 3 to be sure of getting all infection.

1st Line naturally elevates Thiocyanate levels within the body that supports the immune system to battle many types of infection including viruses. The formula is patented by a British Chemist. 1st Line is added to water and forms the same molecules that make up our body’s first line of defense against all types of bacteria, yeast, fungus, flu, germs and viruses.

Unlike antibiotics, 1st Line doesn’t destroy healthy bacteria in the body. 1st Line is safe, easy to use, a one-time treatment and has no harmful side-effects. It can be used on a regular basis for people with a compromised immune system and to prevent sickness, colds and flu.

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