Vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy growth and maintenance. The brain is an amazing complex organ that helps us to stay mentally alert while improving memory and stress management. Here are five of the best vitamins and minerals to boost brain power and general health…

  1. Vitamin C. High amounts of this powerful antioxidant can be found in citrus fruits and green vegetables. For brain health, Vitamin C plays a vital part in synthesizing dopamine, a neurotransmitter that can protect the brain against oxidative stress. As this vitamin isn’t stored in the body, it’s important to get adequate amounts of this on a daily basis – around 90mg from food according to the Mayo Clinic.
  2. Calcium. This is a mineral required for healthy brain functioning and it has an important role as a nerve cell messenger. It plays a role in regulating neurotransmission and controlling nerve excitability. When levels are low of this essential mineral, it can lead to various health problems. It is rare however for levels to be low of this mineral, as the body usually has a large reservoir within the bones.
  3. Magnesium. This mineral plays an important role in converting B vitamins into their active form. One study in particular found that when magnesium was administered to aged rats, it improved their working and long term memory. Magnesium plays an important role in cell membranes for the transmission of impulses. Magnesium and calcium are also required in significant amounts to prevent any excitability of the nervous system. A deficiency in either magnesium or calcium can eventually lead on to neurological problems.
  4. Vitamin B1. Otherwise known as Thiamin, Vitamin B1 plays an important part in good brain health. It is one of the numerous B vitamins found in abundance in brain and nerve tissue, along with playing a role in the conduction of nerve impulses according to an article published in The Journal of International Medical Research. Severe lack of this vitamin has also been found to lead to chronic memory disorder known as Korsakoff Syndrome, that is most often seen in alcoholics and people suffering from diseases like AIDS.
  5. Zinc. This is found in high amounts in Zinc containing neurons, found exclusively in the forebrain. While scientists don’t know precisely how zinc plays a role in brain health, they believe that the deficiency is associated with different psychological and neurological impairments. Alterations in zinc homeostasis have been found in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease sufferers. Foods that are high in Zinc include nuts, beans and cooked leafy green vegetables.

For best results, it’s highly recommended to take the above nutrients regularly as these are designed to support good brain health.


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