More than 8 in 10 middle-aged adults are dangerously unhealthy according to new statistics by The Health Survey for England. The figures showed that 77% of men and 63% of women in middle-age are either very overweight or obese. It also showed that the rate of obesity has shot up by 16% in the last two decades.

Two of the main causes behind these figures are because more adults are working behind a desk and there is ever more family pressure, many Government experts have warned. The rate of diabetes has also doubled within the last two decades and alongside this, many are also not physically active and drinking too much. Experts at Public Health England believe that it’s the modern day stresses related to the workplace and our general family life that is causing us the most problems.

This is a significant condition because over 15 million people in Britain alone are living with a long-term health condition that may be making it difficult to live healthily. It’s important to realise however that this is not a life sentence and in fact, making some simple lifestyle changes can result in a big impact in terms of one’s overall level of improved health. The significant benefits mean that the results can be experienced now and in the long-term. As many people are leading increasingly busy lives, it is the small changes that will have the largest impact. Yet if nothing is done. then the public health consequences could be catastrophic.

Simple Steps To A Healthier You in 2017

One of the best ways to care for your general health in 2017 and beyond is to be mindful about your dietary choices. Avoiding starchy carbs is highly recommended as these foods can spike insulin levels, causing inflammation that may lead to conditions such as Diabetes Type 2 and numerous health problems that can impact the entire body. Taking the time to review the diet and to make healthier choices such as eating fresh fruits and plenty of green vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds is one option. Another is to consider walking daily, as it’s recommended to walk 10,000 steps every day for best health. Rebounding is another great activity as it pumps the entire lymphatic system, increasing oxygen and improving blood flow around the body. It’s an ideal form of exercise while being kind on the joints. Drinking plenty of water around 6-8 glasses daily with a pinch of bicarbonate of soda can also help to alkalise the body and is therefore highly recommended.

The good news is that with the right lifestyle changes and being consistent, it’s possible to get healthy once and for all. If you struggle with staying healthy every day, you may want to consider following the advice of Good Health Coaches at Good Health Coaching Centers for best results. Find out more about GHCC here.

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