Health News (Week 01- 2017)
By Robert Redfern

2016 has been the year when ‘Fake News’ became a buzzword phrase and the media seemed to create ‘Fake News’ that we had an epidemic of celebrity deaths.

Fake News

Firstly, fake news has always been with us. It is not new and has been with us since communication began. The media has always been intent on trying to brainwash us depending on politics or who is paying them.

Sometimes it is not politics or payment that influences them but because they have been brainwashed themselves in the first place. The Pharma/Medical system seem to be the masters of brainwashing and especially when it comes to Fake News. They announce their newest drugs in the media as a great breakthrough with hardly any tough questions from the media about the effectiveness or the long-term side effects. My main complaint about the pharma/medical system is their fake claim that they provide healthcare and that they are seeking cures to health problems. Their profit comes from disease care and they are faking the real cause of diseases – our modern lifestyle.

In recent days Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a plan to combat ‘Fake News’. But don’t think he means fake news from Globalists and big Pharma. Already I am getting messages from facebook saying my post has been rejected.

Celebrity Deaths

Even when it comes to the premature deaths of much admired celebrities, the media and the medical system fake the cause of their deaths rather than lifestyle. They don’t ever say their lifestyle was the cause of their deaths. Instead they simply say they died of heart failure for example or respiratory failure. Occasionally they will say it was caused by a doctor giving them too many pharma drugs. They are always quick to point out this was a rogue doctor as though this is rare. The facts are that ‘death by doctor’ is one of the leading causes of death around the world but especially in first world countries. The statistics on this are readily available but of course the media ignores these facts (or fakes) as I claim. Death by doctor can take place for many reasons including: poor diagnosis, ignoring lifestyle, pharma drugs, and narcotic drugs.

Being rich does not protect you from premature death. Recently, the richest man in the UK, The Duke of Westminster, died at the young age of 64 (the same age my father died).

Life Is Precious

My readers will know that unhealthy lifestyle is not a new claim on my part and if there is anything you can learn from the premature death of celebrities, it is that life is more precious than any glamorous lifestyle. You need yourself to be healthy, your family need you to be healthy and your ancestors worked hard to give you this chance to make your mark and to choose health.

Back To My Day Job!

This is a typical question I receive every day and sometimes many times per day.

Hello, I had a heart attack and a stent put in last year, Sept 2015. I’ve been on statins and Plavix but will be going off the Plavix in about 2 weeks per my doctor. I’ve stopped the statins due to side effects. Which products would be best for me? Thank you so much.
As well as heart disease, many questions include: arterial disease, autoimmune diseases, liver disease, kidney disease, Alzheimer’s, lung diseases, eye degeneration, diabetes and its complications, digestive problems, fertility problems, cysts in breasts and ovaries, thyroid problems…to name a few of the 160 conditions detailed in my book, ‘The Miracle Enzyme’. Of course it is better to prevent these happening in the first place which is much easier and almost 100% assured but my plans still work in a good percentage of cases.

The solutions I have created, work in most cases, even in advanced cases but require definite life-change goals to create:

  • A super healthy immune system
  • A super healthy diet
  • A super healthy body
  • A supplement regime
  • A regular healthy exercise plan
  • A balanced life to include relaxation and breathing
  • Avoiding sitting for more than 3 hours per day
  • Keeping working, whether it is a job, business, gardening or voluntary works

Too much trouble?

Not as much trouble as the end result of not dealing with these problems. Make 2017 the year when you make healthy changes. You can do this with the support of my team and my 40 books that can help you to live a long and healthy life.

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