Breastfed babies should be given a Vitamin D3 supplement after the age of one year, according to a new study. While the relationship between Vitamin D and the duration of babies being breastfed isn’t fully understood, it’s recognised that the World Health Organisation suggests that breastfeeding should be encouraged until the age of 2 years, as so desired by the child or the mother.

While breast milk is full of beneficial nutrients to help babies grow, it isn’t a very good source of Vitamin D. According to one study published in the American Journal of Public Health, the duration between breastfeeding and Vitamin D levels has been studied out of 2500 babies. The babies ranging from 1-5 years old were part of a program to prevent typical childhood nutrition problems and their impacts later on in life.

It was found that after the age of one, breastfed babies had an increased chance of being Vitamin-D deficient by about 6% every month. By the age of 2 or 3 years old, the risk of being Vitamin D deficient increased from 16% to 29%.

Experts recommend that babies be given a daily dose of 400IU of Vitamin D3 during the first year of life to support their development and growth. One of the biggest reasons that babies require Vitamin D3 is because without supplementation they are more likely to develop rickets and this can lead to soft or weak bones that causes health problems in the long term.

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