Health News (Week 08- 2016)
By Robert Redfern

Shortsightedness Estimated to Affect 5 Billion People by 2050

This is the title of a study released recently and I thought it was very important to share the article I have just published along with my previous article on this subject. As regular readers will be aware the consumption of grains, cereals and other high sugar foods is one of the prime causes of disease. All studies show that the damage takes place in the womb and the sooner this is made clear to the whole world the sooner the population will avoid grains, cereals and sugar the same way they avoid smoking and alcohol in pregnancy.

Readers will know that I advocate all women that plan a baby should start with a supplement and nutritional plan well before they become pregnant so they and the baby growing inside them are healthy. For clarity on this, please read my Fertility book which is available as a FREE download and in print version.

Shortsightedness Estimated to Affect 5 Billion People by 2050
23/02/2016 by Robert Redfern

Shortsightedness is estimated to affect 5 billion people by the year 2050 according to recent studies – nearly half of the world’s project-ed population. The study, published in the medical journal known as Ophthalmology analysed a wide range of existing research on near-sightedness from 1995 onwards. Based on the trends they ana-lysed, the authors estimated that myopia rates will rise from 23% to 49% by the year 2050.

These projections were based on data from The United Nations and were calculated by looking at different countries and their pace of life, experiences of development and urbanisation, along with other issues such as spending less time outdoors – and found this is more of a risk factor for nearsightedness.

Environmental factors and a high pressure education system are al-so believed to have an impact. The authors looked at the level of myopia in Asian countries where these factors apply and discovered that it’s set to increase from 2.7 per cent to 9.8% of the world’s popu-lation by 2050. One study by the National Eye Institute found that the rate of myopia in the United States had risen by 66% since 1970, according to the Boston Globe. READ MORE >>>

Carbs Damage Children
By Robert Redfern

Short-sightedness Caused by Carbs

I am very concerned for the health of everyone but particularly that of children and this concern starts for babies in the womb as you saw in last week’s newsletter.

Expectant mothers are concerned about what they put in their mouths in case it damages their baby in the womb and quite rightly so. Every week I get emails from expectant mothers asking is it OK to take supplements while pregnant. I confirm they are OK and tell them it is essential they take a whole raft of missing nutrients. Independent nutritionists for nearly 100 years have written books claiming and pleading that high sugar diets are bad for health.

Since a two continent study published in New Scientist 2002, it has been confirmed that expectant mothers consuming foods with high levels of sugar have babies with more defects. You can read the full article at the end of this newsletter. This in itself is not scientifically conclusive but if you put the rest of the evidence shown together with this, you get enough facts to convince me that high sugar foods are unfit foods for human consumption.

You would expect in 12 years we would now have a ban on high sugar levels in children’s foods. In adverts, bars and when I board planes in the USA, I see a warning sign saying consuming alcohol in pregnancy can lead to birth defects.

Why after all of this time do we not have warnings about high sugar foods causing birth defects? The evidence for the damage from high sugar foods and drinks is just as conclusive as alcohol and smok-ing, scientists plead for it, but governments seem incapable of pro-tecting our children from these dangerous foods and drinks. READ MORE >>>

Did I mention a healthy diet and lifestyle?
Simply treat you and your children as the special person that you are by following the full plan in my books and you can keep your family healthy.

There is no doubt that addiction to high sugar foods has to be overcome to make big changes to any lifestyle and as well as a really healthy diet these are the tools I successfully use to power ahead to reach my goal of real healthcare for everyone. Help is also always available from the health coaches